Bois et Scieries du Center: for the love of wood

The forest covers almost 29% of the territory of France. The wealth that creates jobs is firmly established in the territories. The sawmill, the main wood recovery activity, represents more than 50,000 employees in France.

More than 1500 companies have sawmill activity in France, mostly SME families. This is the case, in the heart of the Limousin forest, of the company Bois et Scieries du Center. The third generation of managers conducts their mowing activity there with a passion for professionals and is committed to maintaining the silvicultural richness of its forest. Met Gilbert Morlon, manager of the company.

What does your activity consist of?

We process more than 200,000 m³ of wood per year, with the main activity being the production of 90,000 m³ square-edged boards: boards with 4 sharp edges. It is used in the packaging market, for frames or exterior fittings such as decking or cladding, in France, but also, for more than 10% of our turnover, for export.

Our daily challenge is to analyze the trees, their characteristics to change them by improving their quality and minimizing cutting losses. For this, we have, in addition to 125 qualified and trained employees, machines with high performance.

Bois et Scieries du Center is the first French company to have an in-line canter sawing unit. Maximizing the cutting speed allows us to process multiple volumes by optimizing the production quality.

Boards … but not only!

The most important part of our activity is related to the recovery of materials related to cutting with the manufacture of wood pellets and chipboard cubes for connections to pallet trays.

We produce 30,000 tons of DIN + certified pellets for the highest combustion quality.

30,000 m³ of agglomerated cubes are also produced annually. This activity, carried out by only 3 companies in France, makes it possible to conserve forest resources by replacing solid wood blocks with chipboard blocks to make pallets.

Finally, we can generate 1.38 megawatts of green electricity thanks to the biomass boiler.

What kind of wood do you use?

If France is mostly covered with oak forests, the Limousin forest massif is the first massif of Douglas pine production. This type of 3 tree has many properties of resistance to insects and bad weather and does not need to be treated. Its qualitative value is much higher than that of softwoods from northern Europe.

These forests, planted after World War II, are now maturing. This wealth we have inherited must be preserved.

The Bois et Scierie du Center has partnered with the Limousin Forest Fund, created by forest professionals and the Limousin timber industry to support forest transformation operations with forest rejuvenation, reforestation and development actions. in silvicultural exploitation. Resource sustainability is central to our activity and our mission.

You are also developing a pallet production activity: how is this market?

The SAS Jean Desteve pallet factory produces more than 1 million pallets per year in the production unit located near Ussel in Corrèze. Demand is increasing rapidly, driven by the dynamic activity of the industry. Two lines of pallets with 4 or 2 entries, employing more than 25 people.

The timber sector, a strategic player in ecological transfer?

Wood is a noble, innovative material and France is lucky to have some of the most beautiful massifs in Europe in its territory. Giving value to this wealth is an important issue in reducing the carbon impact of our activities. The diversity of our activities makes it possible to respond to emerging new needs, especially in terms of heating.

The timber sector is organized and organized to ensure the sustainability of this resource with collaboration between private owners and the State, which owns ¼ the forests of the territory.

Sawmill companies, such as Bois et Scierie du Center, are at the heart of a forest culture and are fully involved in the sustainable development of wood from our forest.

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