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When Julie Johnson noticed a furry creature huddled in her bed with her and her husband in the middle of the night, she didn’t think much of it. After all, they have three dogs.

But when the couple woke up from Benton, Tennessee the next morning, they found an unfamiliar face staring at them.

The invader was “big, brown and furry,” Johnson said, and most of all, “not really my dog.”

“I turned and looked [at my husband] and he looked at me, and we said, will it harm us? You know, what do we do? Where did that come from? ” by Johnson. As it happens guest host Robyn Bresnahan.

“Within seconds we knew we were good and there was nothing wrong. But it was a strange few minutes to wake us up.”

Not only was the dog not threatened, but he made himself at home.

“She hugged my husband, climbed high on the pillows, wanted to be covered,” Johnson said. “I mean, you’ll think we’re in his bed instead of the perfect opposite.”

Doggie under “Houdini’s Works”

The couple immediately realized that the dog had to belong to someone. She seemed friendly, fed and cared for, with no signs of neglect.

So Johnson took to Facebook and wrote one of the most bizarre posts of his life: “It’s normal to wake up in our house with one of our dogs sleeping with us. A small issue, NO THIS IS OUR DOG and we also don’t know how he got into our house.

When Julie and Jimmy Johnson woke up to see a strange dog in bed with them, the pooch simply lay down and made himself more comfortable. (Julie Johnson/Facebook)

It was only about an hour before the dog’s owner was contacted. Johnson knows his new bedtime partner is a Labrador-Bulldog mix named Nala, who has a penchant for big escapes.

“Our overly friendly puppy, Nala, was hit all the time high for ignoring personal space and adding a trick to his long list of Houdini’s actions,” he posted later in his owner Cris Hawkins on Facebook.

“Luckily the couple thought it was funny and they weren’t angry about it.”

So how did Nala get into Johnson’s house?

His owners say he escaped from his collar the previous day, presumably to chase a squirrel, and fled into the woods. They looked for him for a while, to no avail, but finally thought he would go home.

Then a storm hit later that night. Johnson suspects her husband didn’t lock the door properly when he released their three dogs to hunt, and Nala fled under the darkness to escape the bad weather.

What she didn’t understand was that her three puppies didn’t look at the intruder.

“I mean, if the wind blows the wrong way, they’ll howl,” he said.

He didn’t want to go home

The owner of Nala’s house arrived the next morning and called her from the veranda. Johnson says the dog’s tail began to wag “at a thousand miles per hour.”

And yet, he didn’t move.

“Nala is happy that my husband is in bed. Her mother stood on our balcony shouting, “Nala, hurry here, girl! There’s mom! ”He said.

“And I actually had to let a real stranger, the wife, into my house, to get into the room where my husband was still hugging his dog to get his dog out of our bed.”

Nala is now at home, to which she belongs. But Johnson says he’s welcome for another slumber party anytime – as long as his dogs are okay.

Written by Sheena Goodyear. Interview conducted by Kate McGillivray.

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