6 ways to love yourself more

Are you well on your way to self -acceptance? Have you learned to forgive yourself and accept your reflection in the mirror? Occasionally, you will experience recurrences that make you very low in terms of self -confidence …? Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. What if we told you we were back today with 6 new tips to love each other more? We guide you …

1 – Live the present moment in a fully thoughtful way

Have you noticed that we have an annoying tendency to spend a large portion of our day in “autopilot” mode? It’s time to awaken your emotions and fully realize what you’re doing.. Better yet, to appreciate the present moment.

The smell of your morning coffee, the smile of our office mate we love so much. Cute little text from our lover telling us he was thinking of us … It’s up to you to see the hidden beauty of it all. This will allow you to end the day with a positive feeling, feeling calm and peaceful despite a daily life involved.

2 – Trace and reshape your interior

We are fully aware of this with imprisonment: our home as an important part of our personal balance. To feel good and balanced, we need a neat, harmonious interior with decorations that suit us.

If the space is large, don’t hesitate to make a “to do list”. First the dressing room, then the kitchen cabinets and finally, the decor! Of course, you don’t have to change everything. Start by changing the layout of your furniture and buy a few small items …

3 – Disconnecting from social networks

Enough of all the retouched photos and videos that abound on social networks. These media portray a biased image of women and make us feel guilty (for left!). Without realizing it, they put an awful lot of pressure on our shoulders, even more so every day.

You need to learn to slowly “detoxify” yourself from social networks and this damaging influence. What’s more, if you want to live in the present, it’s hard to do it with your nose on your phone! If you come to work or home at night, make sure to spend plenty of time not touching your phone …

4 – Do a little solo dance

Shakira doesn’t have a thigh? Then ?! This is definitely not what we ask of you! It’s like the “dance therapy” sessions Christina and Meredith have at Grey’s Anatomy. Choose an inspiring song that you love. Allow yourself to be carried away by the music, the dance, the song, the spinning while you close your eyes!

This little exercise will release the famous hormones of happiness. As a result, there is a beautiful smile on your face after your “performance”. This little thing can give you a good mood throughout the day, because it really is especially effective in waking up in the morning!

5 – Cook the dessert you’ve always craved

You see a lot of photos on social networks that never dare to take the plunge … It’s all sugar, frankly that scares you. But what if we told you that in order to love yourself more, you need to learn to have fun without feeling guilty?

So find the recipe for your sweet indulgence and shopping. Take time to prepare it diligently and above all, taste it slowly, enjoying every bite. The goal here is to recover your body slowly. Just because you “crack” every now and then doesn’t mean you’ll get fat, become less handsome, or rape your ankles. Don’t be afraid!

6-Learn to say “no”

You love to please, and that makes you happy. You’re right, go ahead! But learn to set limits. To love yourself a little more, you need to know yourself. And while saying “no” isn’t always easy, it also brings a satisfying feeling and more self-confidence.

You can’t blame your loved ones. You have the right to say “no” every now and then, especially if it means interfering with your daily life or doing something that is against your values.

And you, what are your little tricks to learn to love yourself more? We are waiting for you on our forum to discuss this. In the category Self -confidence.

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