Vincent and Justine separate, revealing the real reasons

Vincent is a farmer from last year’s season Love is in the pasture. This one wasn’t able to find the shoe that would fit her thanks to Karine Le Marchand’s show, but when she met a Justine that was even with her on the program’s balance sheet. We thought everything was like clockwork for them, but they were obviously separated. In fact, you can actually see the information on social networks. In this article, we reveal the real reasons for their separation.

Love is in the pasture : why did Vincent and Justine split up?

Even Vincent is a farmer who joined last year in Love is in the pasture, the public did not forget him, as his adventure turned into chaos. So, fans keep talking about him and following his romantic relationship. Thanks to our colleagues from JFD, the more we know the real reason for their dissolution. You’ll be amazed, that’s for sure …

A confusing experience to Love is in the pasture

Vincent made an impression on the 2021 edition of Love is in the pasture. First, the candidateM6 very attractive. So he aroused the interest of many opponents. She received many letters and many beautiful young women traveled to quickly date. The farmer made his final choice of two beautiful brunettes, Natacha and Hafsa. Aside from their body advantage, he’s never really the same profile. The first is young and adaptable while the second is older and therefore independent and seems to have a stronger personality.

The candidate of Love is in the pasture made the decision to continue the adventure with the youngest Natacha. So, as the program wanted, he traveled to his family, but the atmosphere was quickly frustrated … We don’t know what happened on the night they shared, but in the small morning, coup de theater! Vincent decided to suddenly end his relationship with the beautiful brunette and he immediately returned to his farm. This has given him an avalanche of criticism on social networks. In fact, the horse trainer got a lot of heads for his behavior with Natacha. Take the opportunity to explain the video below.

However, life is full of surprises! In fact, the handsome brunette did not stay alone for a long time, because apart from the release of Love is in the pasture, he meets a Justine whom he brings to balance against Karine Le Marchand. In fact, Vincent and Justine met through social networks. Very quickly, the couple decided to get together. However, on their respective Instagram accounts, they posted the announcement of their separation. However, it seems like a good start, so what happened between the lovebirds?

Vincent is unlucky in love!

Here is the message that the Provençal of Love is in the pasture on social media to announce the sad news to his followers: ” Unfortunately, I find myself under obligation to inform you of some sad news. Many of you will ask me about my relationship with Justine », he began to explain. The father continues: Life has decided to separate us. We are not angry and I hope I can live with fond memories one day. I have not lost hope and I hope we are both well… Justine you will be etched in my heart forever ”, after he. But, surprisingly, it removed his publication…

In fact, Vincent’s romantic relationships will never last! Even in the program Love is in the pasture or outside. In any case, this is good news for admirers to be able to try their luck, because the farmer is once again a heart to take!

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