The Only Time I Think The Metaverse Could Work When I Cry by Adam Savage

Lockdown is a dark time. We were separated from our friends, our family, even our workplace. The usual activities we do to escape our homes are unusable and real illegal. It was a strange time, a strange point in time and space where the things we say and do now feel like they belong to a Black Mirror era.

I spent August to December 2020 alone. I’ve seen a few friends a few times, but 99.9% of the months are spent without a partner in a small apartment in Bath. As a mostly lonely person, I don’t think much about it every day. If you had asked me if I was alone, I wouldn’t have. Of course not. I can call anyone I need on my phone and I have Discord friends with whom I talk almost every night. I also stream, three or four times a week to a community that loves me. I’m fine, aren’t I? Am I not?

I started a new job in September 2020 at a different site and got into the job. Between streaming and my normal job, most days are taken up writing or entertaining. I was eventually asked to review a VR game and sent a headset in December. The only VR game I’ve done before is Beat Saber on my brother’s PSVR, so it’s interesting.

(Photo credit: Imogen Mellor)

I took the toy out of its box over the weekend. I let the system update in the morning as I walked (as I usually do) around my apartment picking up glasses, pouring pillows and vacuuming-cleaning for the room to play. And then I sat down and put on the headset, adjusted it for comfort and specified the area I was free to move, making the settings myself.

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