Taxes against bastards, acid rain in Moscow and love of the age of artificial intelligence

Wired brings us to a scandal as interesting: the crackdown by American police on the world’s largest online pedophile network, a site called Welcome to Video, spied on, decrypted within months from the United Kingdom to Thailand, from South Africa to Atlanta, in a global operation led not by the FBI, but by U.S. tax agents. Where we discovered that tax investigators are the only ones able to track the flow of anonymous cryptocurrency transactions, which Welcome to Video uses to pay voyeurs and pay providers in horrific images.

With a little help. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has spent millions to utilize the services of a nebula of ultra-specialized private detectives, creators of artificial intelligence programs that are able to identify the holders of bitcoin account. To read the article, a true novel with algorithms and endless blockchain codes, the operation would not have been successful without a classic act of investigation, rotation, listening, cooperation between the police. To gain the trust of his fellow Koreans, one of the defenders of the American tax authorities had to swallow a small live octopus, a Seoul delicacy. When it comes to motivation …


Payton Gendron, before killing ten people at a Buffalo supermarket on May 14, put a camera on his military helmet, according to New York Times. His footage of the massacre was streamed live for two minutes on online gaming platform Twitch, before moderators cut the video.

Despite this quick reaction, this brutal scene was reposted and viewed 3 million times on another site before being taken down, and the link was heavily shared on Twitter and Facebook. Recorded by thousands of Internet users, these videos disrupt the web and, rightly so, create emulators. Like other mass killers before him, Gendron has slowly conditioned himself by paying for his laziness during the pandemic on the morbid forums Reddit and 4chan. The scenario repeats itself before each murder.

Moscow has a heavy hand

The virus is called “Acid Rain”. An entire program. An hour before the invasion of Ukraine, on February 24, Russia launched a massive cyber attack against the American satellite operator Viasat, neutralizing the entire network of terrestrial servers. and routers, which eliminate mountains of data. At the same time, explain MIT Technology Review, Moscow attacked Ukrainian government computers in hopes of slowing down its response to the offensive. The incident is sure to be pointed out in military schools as it is the first in terms of coordination between cyber warfare and the battlefield. One downside: the Russians could be very heavy-handed, and lose control of the malware causing the closure of more than 5,000 wind turbines in Europe, and especially in Germany.

Matter of the heart

And love it all? Wired recalls the words of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, who knows a lot about the issue. The oracle of Omaha (Nebraska) assures that, “In life, the most important decision is to choose the person you will marry”. Thanks Warren, but we were obviously wrong.

The international group led by researcher Samantha Joel from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, conducted a large -scale study based on artificial intelligence to determine once and for all the secret to successful unions. By creating thousands of data and inquiries, he concluded that there were no behaviors that aroused the attraction of lovebirds-physical size and profession (firefighter or lawyer for men), money, level in education, whether sexy name (an important. criterion), political or moral values-does not ultimately explain the strength and satisfaction of couples. In short, there is no algorithm that can predict happiness. Very crazy to know.

All for the music

Nostalgia. Apple announced on May 10 the discontinuation of the iPod, this small music box that has sold 450 million copies since its launch in 2001, praised by New York Times as the bright introduction to the iPhone. We only sold 3 million of them last year (compared to the 250 million iPhones sold on the planet), because the idea of ​​storing music on a gadget no longer made sense in the Spotify era. But what a saga… Steve Jobs, who returned to save the little apple in 1997 in a world dominated by Microsoft, thought of a small device to store songs and sell Apple computers. “Everyone loves music”, as he. Everyone loves the iPod.

Prohibition is prohibited

Texas is different from the rest of the world. protocol confirms that a federal court recently validated the appeal of a local law that allows civil lawsuits against social networks if they decide to block tweets from their users . The legislation is intended to address so-called social media anti-conservative bias, a republican word born during the Trump era, in response to Twitter and Facebook’s efforts to address pandemic misinformation, and curb riots. in public. A new call continues. The judges, according to the article, “It’s as if there’s really no management of technology issues.”

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