Nagui: Here is his secret garden, his wealth, luxurious villas, cars and astronomical salary revealed

Nagui is an important face of the French audiovisual universe. This Paf heavyweight is known for the cult programs he hosts on France Télévisions. In addition to being a successful host, Mélanie Page’s husband is also a producer. This allows him to make a comfortable income. The PAF star also relied on his legacy.

Nagui’s bright career

Nagui is now one of the most renowned presenters in France. Aside from being famous, the 60-year-old host deserves no financial pity. ‘As Rome was not built in a day, Nagui had to work hard to build this fame and wealth.

He starts at the bottom like the others. His career, he started it with pirate radios. In his youth, he had to chain different jobs to make ends meet. In the 1980s he joined the M6 ​​teams. However, he has to prove himself before being known to the public.

In 1991, Nagui finally met with success by presenting a daily program entitled “Let the best win”. A program located in France 5. The success of this program propelled him to the rank of television star.

In line with his success in television, he created his own production company. It was at this time that he was hit with “Taratata”. Nagui is the origin of many concepts. His success with the public majority and his audition marks have created public channels that give him more responsibility.

Thanks to his busy career, he has built an ample legacy. The least we can say is that he himself made his fortune.

Comfortable income

According to some specialists, Nagui will receive an annual revenue of between 750,000 € and one million euros from France Télévisions. However, it should be remembered that these numbers started when he held the reins of “Don’t forget the lyrics” and “Everyone wants to take their place”. In addition to this amount, the host also earned money by hosting “Taratata” and “The Original Band”. With most of the covers, Nagui’s income is enough to make a living.

Keep in mind that Mélanie Page’s husband is not the richest of the television hosts. Of course, there are some animators who can earn more than him. Nagui is not the type to spread his wealth, even if he knows that by doing his job, he is one of the privileged. Not being proud of his wealth does not mean he deprives himself of anything. Sometimes he was fun.

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The external signs of the animator’s wealth

Making a lot of money allows you to get the things you want. Nagui is a lover of beautiful cars. The PAF star is the proud owner of a 1965 Porsche 356 C. A very nice collector’s item worth a few hundred thousand euros. At the antipodes of this beautiful German woman, the presenter also has a Tesla, which is none other than the fine flower of today’s automotive technology.

In addition to the mechanical masterpieces, Nina Fam’s father, Adrien Fam, Roxane Fam and Annabel Fam also own some land. Among other things, he owns a beautiful villa in the Saint-Tropez region. A summer residence he occupies with his family during the holidays.

In addition to rock and mechanic, it turns out that Nagui is also a true fashion addict. The sexagenarian has an important collection of shoes. He could be a fan of Louboutin creations. She has many models of this brand.

More than material things, Nagui’s happiness is above all in Mélanie Page’s arms. Their love story lasted for more than a decade. The TV star would always send small shoutouts to his wife when she was on the air. Aside from making a lot of money, this father is happily married, what more could you ask for?

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