Moody Ape Club launches first NFT in space, directly aboard the ISS, from Cape Canaveral, Florida

Collections from the world of video games, virtual clothing, digital art creations … almost everyone can now find its place in the NFT sector, as demand is strong.

From NFT to the metaverse, there is only one quick step to take, as both are based on blockchain technology. For example, this year, the Cannes Film Festival will also have a metaverse, lined with NFTs representing monuments and places in the town.

In this burgeoning sector, some young shoots are breaking codes and offering amazing innovations.

Like Moody Ape, a project comprised of four French entrepreneurs who graduated from leading business schools, bringing real added value by launching two unique projects around graphic world of his Moody Ape Club:
• Launch of the first NFT on the International Space Station (ISS) in October 2022 from Cape Canaveral in Florida;
• Create a miniseries that will tell the general public about creating the metaverse in a fun way.

Moody Ape than to cover space!

Who hasn’t enjoyed the intense adventure Thomas Pesquet experienced aboard the ISS, where he stayed twice?
Thanks to a collaboration with Toucan Space, a French company, Moody Ape has achieved a good first: directly launching an NFT Moody Ape Club
in space!
In October 2022, the NFT engraved on a metal plate will be sent to the International Space Station via Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket to fly from Cape Canaveral in Florida (USA). A mythical place: from this base the Apollo lunar missions left in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
The metal plate, fitted with the ISS’s Japanese Kibō module, will be exposed to space vacuum for 6 months.
“Our NFT, through the metal plate, will make a journey of 100 million kilometers, the equivalent of a round trip from planet Earth to Venus!”
When the mission is completed, the NFT will return to Earth aboard SpaceX’s Dragon capsule and will likely land on the Florida side.
All without the slightest cost of carbon: due to its weight, which represents almost 0.00005% of the rocket, the metal part travels in space without affecting the environment.

A miniseries game to explore the metaverse

We have to be honest: most of the public knows very little about the concept of NFTs and very little about the metaverse.
So to allow everyone to explore this technology in an educational, fun and engaging way, the Moody Ape dream team has developed an innovative miniseries (now in production) that blends fantasy and realism.

Because, behind every character in the series, there is an owner of it! NFT holders will see “their” MOODY to be actors in the adventures shown on screen …

A full narrative of the story is built around the metaverse. Here is a small rundown of the story:
“MOODY felt very bad on the ground, they were killed and driven from their forests. They started to get sick and unhappy on the ground. The atmosphere in their community was deteriorating and they decided to make an escape plan. this land.which is especially polluted and prone to pandemics.

After making a proper plan, they were able to find a secret place in the United States (Cape Canaveral). They manage to break into the base and steal the greatest secret in human history, an identical world: THE METAVERSE, all in one book.
In exchange for the book, they deal with a rocket. The plan is then activated and, thanks to all the information contained in this valuable work, they can finally go to the metaverse. ”

Milestones in the Moody Ape Story

Launch the collection
After building a strong community, following the team’s vision and willing to support this beautiful project, Moody Ape launched its collection of NFTs at Opensea. This first sale was a real success: all available NFTs were sold within a few hours.

Launch of miniseries and manga
After finishing the script, the Dream Team started making miniseries. To ensure production quality, Moody Ape chose to work with a large studio that partnered with companies such as Coca-Cola or Amazon. At the same time, production of the Manga began.

The 3D invasion
To offer more innovations to NFT holders, everyone will soon see their MOODY in 3D (which is rare in this field).
And soon …

Preview the release of the Manga and the Miniseries
The manga teasers and miniseries will provide an overview of the creations to come.

Collaboration with other collections
To bring this new project as far as possible, the group will join forces with other Apes collections to create a synergy of talents and skills.

The appearance of other monkey families in miniseries
Monkeys from other families go into miniseries.
Surprises guaranteed!

The Falcon 9 is ready to fly
MOODYs will be invited aboard the Falcon 9 to be launched in October 2022 from Cape Canaveral (Florida, United States). A project done in collaboration with Toucan Space.

Release of Miniseries and partnership
When completed, the miniseries will be hosted on a major platform (e.g. Amazon Prime). Soon, everyone will see their NFT come to life …

About the Dream Team
Behind the Moody Ape Club, there are 4 talented entrepreneurs, all graduates of business school (ESSEC and IAE) and working in major multinationals in Europe, Singapore and New York.
Enthusiastic about the world of cryptocurrencies and NFT for many years, they decided to combine their skills to launch a determined avant-garde project in October 2021: the Moody Ape Club.

Julien C – Co -founder and Strategy
He has created and led the success of many companies in the real estate and cryptocurrency sectors.

Adam A. – Co -Founder and Technical Manager
He has a strong background in website development and blockchain.

Thomas Q. – Co -founder and Marketing
An expert in finance and consulting, he is able to consult on strategy for large companies. He then worked on an investment fund and on mergers and acquisitions.

Rémy G. – Co -founder and Director of Operations
He works in strategy consulting for large companies.

The MOODY collection:

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