“Love and friendship”, anti-romanticism according to Jane Austen

Ah, spend your Sunday night with a beautiful, pragmatic widow in silky frills of the 18th century.… With “Love and Friendship”, an adaptation of an epistolary novel by Jane Austen, Whit Stillman provides complete bite relief. of the “old woman author”. The opportunity to list other adaptations of sacred English. To be seen at Arte, Sunday Sept. 30, 8:50 pm

When the caustic director of Last days at the disco Susan Vernon, the manipulative heroine of Mrs. Susan, the novel by Jane Austen, a good expert author. ” For many years, my relationship with Jane Austen was one of ignorance and contempt. I found him extremely overbearing because, as a Harvard student, I found his novel strange: Northanger Abbey. This is my first time reading a gothic novel and I hate this book. I started to spread the theme: But why are you wearing Jane Austen in the sky? Five years later, I’ve re-introduced myself to his work and I really like it. I remain a huge fan. From my first film, I was even happier to rob him and her Park Mansfield Park. »

Love and friendship – which takes the title of a parody story written in 1790 by Jane Austen, which has nothing to do with the story of Mrs. Susan – clearly eliminates the misunderstanding that always makes the writer a wild romantic. ” When I saw these fan sites comparing Jane Austen to Georgette Heyer and Barbara Cartland, I was stunnedsaid Stillman. Jane Austen was an ardent anti-romantic ! And quote Sanditon, his last unfinished novel in which he caricatures the romantic movement through a particularly idiotic character. ” Comedy crosses all of his work, but some titles are less ridiculous than others leaving room for sentimental intrigue. By increasing romance and diminishing comedy, most of Jane Austen’s adaptations have promotes this reputation as a romantic author. If you want to check it out for yourself, here is a short list:


    Pride and Prejudice

    Romantic comedy

    Mrs. Bennet has five daughters who are married, and have a reason to live: to settle them at (almost) any cost. One of them, Elizabeth, the most alive, the most rebellious, defies the rules of the social game. …


    reason and feeling


    Two young women experience failed love … The eldest, Elinor (Emma Thompson), allows herself to be seduced by her sister to confess the tender feelings inspired by Edward (Hugh Grant) him. …


    Love the first look at Bollywood

    Romantic comedy

    Gurinder Chadha

    Four young married women, two or three suitors and as many misleading preconceptions, hypocrisy and sentimental trouble … The story, all readers of Jane Austen know it. Gurinder Chadha (Play it like Beckham) has a happy idea …


    Pride and prejudice and zombies

    Horror movie

    Burr Steers

    Restoration of a masterpiece by Jane Austen thanks to cinema genre codes. Parodic and kind, discreet femininity, the tribute puts the Bennet brothers against many suitors (cousin Collins, a valuable religious …


    Emma the Matchmaker


    Emma, ​​a young Englishwoman from a good family, is thinking of arranging someone else’s wedding. He juggles feelings, breaks up romances, plans meetings, without admitting that he loves himself. …


    Park Mansfield Park

    In 19th century England, the fate of a little girl, aged ten, came from a modest family, and was entrusted to wealthy landowners ….

we like it very much “Love and friendship”, by Whit Stillman, Sunday Sept. 30 at 8:50 p.m., Arte.

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