Little surprise: Apex Legends Mobile has got a new hero!

Game News Little surprise: Apex Legends Mobile has got a new hero!

The mobile version of Apex Legends is finally available! In celebration, the title shared a new trailer with us as well as an unexpected little surprise.

Fade, a mobile exclusive!

During the announcement of Apex Legends Mobile, players were disappointed to learn that there are not all Legends in this new version, but there are a total of nine heroes out of 21 available. in the PC and console versions, that is. Bangalore, Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Mirage, Octane, Pathfinder and Wraith. Now, when free-to-play is finally available on iOS and Android in our region, we’ve discovered that the game is entitled to a new hero, called Fade.

Why is this new hero exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile? The reason is simple: according to Jordan Patz, the game’s design director, Fade is specially designed to be played on smartphones and tablets. That’s because Fade’s “Passive”, “Tactical”, and “Ultimate” skills fit into a fast-paced style of play that Respawn says is completely mobile-friendly.

But who is Fade?

Little surprise: Apex Legends Mobile has got a new hero!

Fade is a variant of Wraith according to the developers, one of the heroes that will be available at the launch of Apex Legends in 2019. He was described as “an extremely aggressive mobile fighter” which makes more use of the passive ability Slipstream, a feature that allows our new Legend to operate immediately shortly after sliding. The tactical ability, which is Flashback, allows you to rewind Fade’s own actions to be seen again in more strategic places. According to Jordan Patz, “this ability was created to give less skilled players a chance to get out of a bad situation” and for more experienced players to “scoop up enemies”.

To finish, the last ability called Phase Chamber is defined as “offensive and defensive”, that’s all. With the latter, it is possible to throw stasis grenades that prevent an enemy player from inflicting or receiving damage. Once again, neophytes will be able to use these famous grenades to get out of a dangerous situation, while others will use them for strategic purposes.

This ability is designed to help players protect themselves from adverse situations (…) or temporarily isolate a member of a team so they can attack their teammates.

We also know that Phase Chambers can also be used by teammates – great for keeping them out of danger for a while – or on their own to benefit from a bonus speed of movement.

Apex Legends Mobile, an independent version

The developers of Apex Legends Mobile also took advantage of the game’s arrival in our territory to rediscover that this new version is independent of the one available on PC and consoles. In other words, it is impossible for mobile players to participate in a game on a PC player and vice versa. Also note that Apex Legends Mobile will not share its saves with other platforms and that its times will vary.

In addition, this difference was first observed in the various game modes available on Apex Legends Mobile. Yes, in addition to the Battle Royale mode which allows 60 players to compete and the Arena mode which offers 3 against 3, Apex Legends Mobile has a new Deathmatch mode. This new mode, divided into two variants (Clash and Deathmatch), is an unprecedented proposition that allows two teams of six players to compete.

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