In a relationship of 25 years, Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin has kept some amazing secrets about her relationship.

Sweet is the word that pops into my mind to introduce you to my guest today. People too. Our first real meeting took place on the set of GOOD – instant crush. After his time on set, I wanted to chat with him for a long time. So I invited Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin for an interview at my place, and she readily accepted. Yes!

Photo: Dominic Gouin / TVA Publications

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I offered him coffee, we sat comfortably on the sofa and the chat returned as if it had never stopped. Spontaneously, we talked and work. He’s been doing this job he’s loved for almost 30 years, and projects are proliferating. Swerte? Not just. “It takes luck for this profession to last. But nothing like work. If I get a role, I create my character to make it as real as possible, I want it to be included. So, yes, a lot of work, and you’re right, I was actually very lucky, but I didn’t take it for granted. I accept public love with humility. I like people and I like chatting with them. ” After several tours in recent months, Mélissa is now highlighting all the projects that have brought her. “It’s quieter, but not so much. (with a smile) But, yes, I took this opportunity to look at something new and could continue filming the second installment of this series. Honestly, it’s never been completely quiet in my life. Like you, Saskia? ” I could easily understand what excites Mélissa: people above all else. Also, with good tactics, he took the reins of the interview, and I found myself answering him. How nice to exchange him! But hey, I was the one asking. (She laughs.)

Photo: Dominic Gouin / TVA Publications

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Follow in his footsteps
Even if Mélissa is actually very cautious when it comes to her private life, sometimes she will open up even more, especially when it comes to her daughters, who are already beginning to follow in their mother’s footsteps. “Imagine seeing them doing the same job as me is not easy. In fact, my boyfriend and I chose to see it – for now – as extracurricular. It puts little pressure on everyone. I don’t want them to be disappointed, you understand? To choose … Not to choose … Very faced. Yes, they audition, I even help them learn their lyrics, but it has to stay game and fun. The big (Lea) He wanted to separate from his mother and normally, he wanted to go his own way. Florence (youngest) still looking at this profession, so that’s good. I will accompany them as long as they want.

Photo: Dominic Gouin / TVA Publications

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The praise of others
If we talk about his family, he is feverish and even emotional. “My daughters are so beautiful, curious, pleasing to others. I love watching them grow. They already have inspiring paths. My family is my balance. I have a hard-working male partner. Great. my admiration for him. Besides, I find that important in a relationship. Obviously, for two years, Jonathan was at home because of telework. We still have adjustments, we have to get used to each other. We still meet. with each other, sharing the same place, that’s new for us.But, after 25 years of married life, things are going very well and, seriously, if we’re just the two of us, it’s the most beautiful things of the world. We work so well with each other. We cultivate this precious joy. ”

A useful sweet
In our discussion, we cannot forget this evil pandemic, despite all the uncertainty it has created for us. Mélissa considers herself lucky because she keeps working and seeing people. “I think that’s what helped me find balance. I feel like life is still going on. And now, I have the impression that life goes on its course, I want to travel, to enjoy every moment. He repeated this to me: what interested him most of all was meeting someone else, listening to what he had to say. “I feed myself a lot by listening. It is very comforting to put yourself in an open situation because, through the energy of the situation, you will receive without being asked for anything. These moments, which he described as thoughtful, brought him to awareness. “I’m okay, alone, but I have to admit that I don’t always allow myself. It seems like I’m wasting 2x my time. However, I know very well that a good book or a fire pit fills me with joy. I also like to move … ”It’s true that moving is a very good outlet; to relieve the stress of daily life, there is nothing better. “Every day, I feel like I need to get active. I enjoy spending on my own. I go to the gym with a trainer, I’m told what to do and I love it. (mikatawa) I’m not an extreme girl, I prefer paddle boarding or cross-country skiing. I love slow -moving games. I also discovered the benefits of yoga, it allowed me to anchor myself. I like it better when we do it as a family. ”

Photo: Dominic Gouin / TVA Publications

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Aging on the screen
Mélissa will be 41 in July. He used the word “shaken” to describe how he felt upon entering quarantine. As suddenly the whole time in space changed. “I know it’s a cliché, but life is short and you have to enjoy it. I also lost a good friend when he was almost 35 years old; very difficult. The urgency of living settled in me. Why do I need more tomorrow than I can today? If I’m being honest with you, screen aging also bothers me. It’s very important to stay true to my girls. I knew I was already at the top of a new cycle, and I had to accept it and be kind to myself. I also understand the pressure of my job, because there is, really. You have to know how to change yourself, because everything is eternal. At the same time, there are also benefits to aging, such as not being afraid to express yourself. “It’s big business, as you grow. It is very important that you find yourself beautiful in order to accept that you can see yourself change, regardless of age. Ladies, we have a hard time with that. I’ve told her at least 20 times how beautiful she is-and I feel like these compliments make her happy-but she doesn’t see herself as much as I do looking at her. “I’m sorry, but I never allowed myself to see myself as pretty, as if that diminished my talent. I’ve always wanted to be known for more than just a pretty face, you know? Looking at someone else, what he thinks of me, that won’t leave me indifferent. I know there are more important things than that! I still have work to do. Loving myself as I am is really my highest quest. But, when I told you, I understood everything. ”

Photo: Dominic Gouin / TVA Publications

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Surround yourself well
Surrounding herself with the people she loves, at work and in private, is essential to her well -being. In a world where everything is so fast, Mélissa finds her comfort, etc., with her man, whom she has loved since she was 15. She smiled, her eyes twinkling: “Twenty five years of life as a couple is pointless in our world where everything changes. I don’t see myself as an outsider, I know other couples for a long time, but you know, my story is not a fairy tale. It takes work and openness. It’s like I’m in a friendship. I love long relationships where we almost get to know each other and where sometimes words are meaningless. In any case, for me, he constitutes success and a source of inspiration. “It’s funny to hear you say I can be inspired, because, you know, I’m wrong on so many levels. I’m careful with what I say. Oh, no … I’m discreet. Not like that. I was afraid of being disappointed, but I didn’t try to please at all costs.He changed the subject and continued to talk to me about praising others with all he had to offer, and most of all he talked to me about this case. close to her heart: the Marie-Vincent Foundation, which strives to support children and adolescents who are victims of sexual and physical violence. A topic that is not easy to approach, but important. “Did you know that these aggressions usually occur in the family and that, in 99% of cases, the child knows the aggressor? This subject is very forbidden! I was approached probably because I was lucky to have projects that express important family values. I want to get involved in protecting children; it is very important to develop and protect communities! You know, attacks usually happen in secret, so when we talk about it, it’s less taboo. We need to have this kind of discussion with our young people to educate them early on to protect themselves, to say no, to understand their limitations. If a child trusts us, our duty is to trust him. Hope will return and the wings will grow again. Believe me. “A silence settled, our mothers’ hearts somewhat turned upside down. However, being in a state of openness, he repeated, there was something magical about it. It was true that seeing the else there’s something magical about it! Like I’m meeting you! See you soon, Melissa!

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