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The Gods Love Dinosaurs a game of Kasper Lapdescribed by Gica Tamfor 2 to 5 players, from 10 years old, for games about 45 min.

The Gods Love Dinosaurs (GLD) a game published by Pandasaurus Games in 2020, localized to Catch’Up Games and distributed by Blackrock Games.

This game is offered by the publisher.

The pitch?

As a god, you have inherited the heavy task of creating an ecosystem from the left with a balanced animal food chain between prey and predators. The problem is, you love dinosaurs so much you want to make as many of them as possible! Each turn, you add a tile to your ecosystem, to get new animals and give them room to breed. Every now and then, your dinosaurs will be released into your ecosystem, devouring all the animals. The more they eat, the more eggs they will lay – and the more points you get! But be careful not to eat too many animals, or you won’t have enough to keep your dinosaurs alive next time.

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A question of rhythm!

GLD is a tile laying and resource management game with special rhythm and special time management.

We’re facing a pretty confusing game that requires keeping a balance in a food chain and building your ecosystem.


The game is very well rendered in terms of material with original meeples would you like some here. So, yes, they’re small, other than dinos, and since it’s a game where maneuvering is common, we have to deal with it. All gods play at the same time, it is also complicated to overcome a mistake in the game, but it also allows to reduce the playing time in a radical way no matter the number of players, the game will be done in less than an hour. And if you play 5, it’s thankful!

There are not only meeple of course, there are hexagonal tiles as well, to build your world. They are divided into 4 piles (A, B, C and D), which sets the game time. In fact, if the animal board is no longer filled, the game is over.

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Thermoforming … sniff

Yes it’s true between the thermos and me, it’s never real love!

Here again the tiles don’t fit properly, even on its board, so it forces you to keep the game upright. Nothing serious, but you have to know, it’s the same with carrying the game.

If not like me, bye bye the thermo!

Finally, there are small dino eggs.

The rules

12 pages of square format rules, decorated with visuals, great visuals!

The rules are very well translated, well organized, everything is where it should be, even a place for “always forgotten rules”, and that’s great!


No need to talk more about it, other than the format I really don’t like, but it’s very personal, otherwise the rules are a model different from it.

The gameplay

So, GLD is a game that is not complicated to understand, but needs to be slowly tamed.

Watch out! (JCVD)

So obviously, the game will require concentration, and for a game with simple rules this is not common.

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You need to pay attention to your tile placement, the base, but also (hang on, here we are!) The draw of the tiles, the increase in your prey, the number and location of your predators, the number of your predators. eggs and the choice of making or not dinosaurs, the order of the turn, the location of the dinosaur on the central board, the board of your neighbors (all your neighbors), the temperature of your coffee (or your herbal tea !), the battery level of your smartphone, STOP! Sorry I took it!

In short, here’s the game that is a balancing act that proves you in less than an hour are hard to be a God these days. Finally, today, we are in a little dystopia that unites rabbits, frogs, rats, tigers, eagles and dinosaurs!

So obviously this kind of game is not for me.


Honestly, I’m not good at this kind of game, even if I find its qualities, for me it’s not free of flaws.

A small problem that is less important but annoys you: the drawing of the tiles and the sequence of turns. Actually, sometimes you need something specific, and there are options but it doesn’t come and being stuck in your approach to a missing tile is very frustrating for me. Especially since in this game, you have to follow the rhythm, and often a small hitch can have many consequences.

It’s also part of the game, like “law of the strongest”. As GLD is a game where we control, more or less, the timing of the actions, it’s possible that you leave the virtuous circle to join the vicious circle, and there’s drama.

The game is not played at many points in the end, and so losing a point or two can be fatal, less room for error.

It even happened a few laps from the end, we already knew the players from the race, that also annoyed me with the game.

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The game puts pressure on you!

Are we talking about his qualities?

The game puts you under tension, as each tile option can be difficult, and especially since everyone is visible, ruining the opponent’s happiness while satisfying you is a feeling I love!

The game is also a series of secondary actions (the activation of prey, predators and dinosaurs), triggered by the choice of players, and sometimes the bluff to guide the choices of other players, and that too I find this second layer very good.

Even if the balance mechanics have always escaped me, the game allows you to progress quickly during the game (you can easily learn from your mistakes or others), and also from one game to another. . This is an advantage for me, because the games can follow each other, and even if they are equally small, they are different in shape, and according to the class of players around the table. It promises a good ten games of constant self-improvement, after which when we start to hold on to gymnastics, the game loses a bit of interest. But these days, 10 games in the same game isn’t bad enough, is it?

My personal opinion of myself!

The Gods Love Dinosaurs for me a nice discovery that took a few months of twisting my head to get the right gymnastics and tame the mechanics.

It’s always a good discovery that can be made by players who are a bit accustomed to it and can prove to be a bit disappointing until the very end. In fact, it’s always bad to play for an hour, to build, to progress, on your little ground, for a ten point count at the end of the game.

This game wouldn’t have remained in my personal toy library after about ten games, because now a routine has started and I no longer feel the challenge, but, believe me, it still shocked me, and even if I don’t. I no longer want to breed my frogs under the interested eyes of tigers and other birds of prey to watch, I always enjoy having them play and explain the rules.


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