Education. The rectorate opens the doors of Europe to students from Melun and Mée

The rector of the Academy of Créteil, Daniel Auverlot (right) came to visit some classes in the educational city Melun-Le-Mée-Sur-Seine, to observe the integration of European culture and foreign languages. (© WL/RSM77)

Too many of children discover the world size by school, ICreteil Academy want to push the cursor further by pressing foreign languages. the language lessons can open important doors to Europe. Back to it meet and the next steps of the project.

A moment of exchange

These are the classes at the three colleges of Melun and Mée-sur-Seine that are welcomed on Monday, May 9, with the arrival of Daniel Auverlot, rector of the Academy of Créteil. The educational city of Melun-Le Mée-sur-Seine in particular includes Les Capucins and Frédéric Chopin middle school in Melun, as well as Elsa Triolet middle school in Mée-sur-Seine.

Daniel Auverlot as well as Franck Thénard-Duvivier, deputy director of the national education service in Seine-et-Marne discovered several college projects on the same theme, during Europe Day, as well as a speech by Emmanuel Macron in the six months of the French presidency of the European Union.

In particular, they were able to attend a choir singing the European anthem, but also a large exhibition “Cartooning for Peace”, performed by CM2 and 6e. Daniel Auverlot also enjoyed chatting with young students about European history and its symbols.

The lack of projection in young people

After trying to maintain the level of education as much as they could in two years because of Covid-19, it was a “renaissance” that Daniel Auverlot, rector of the Academy of Créteil knew. “We tried to look at what our students’ weaknesses were and found a lack of geographic mobility and projection, ”he reports.

So they want to make the educational town of Melun-Le Mée-sur-Seine a leader in a new program in favor of autonomy and mobility. The Academy seeks to particularly trust communities and authorities such as “the municipality, the prefect and the heads of the establishments”, he continues.

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Laure Morel, Academic Delegate for European and International Relations and Cooperation explained that this European course in educational cities, is designed with the rectorate, language inspectorate, heads of establishments and teachers; aims to support young people who have difficulty projecting on their own or crossing geographical boundaries.

An immersive stay in the language

To this end, various educational groups as well as the Academy of Créteil have reached an agreement on an immersive retention of the language. “It will be 24 young people who will be selected for staying in an English-speaking context, in the town of Port-Bail-sur-Mer in Normandy”, continued Laure Morel.

This will make it possible to bring young people from Europe to this residence and to organize activities where everything takes place in English. They hope to expand this project to 21 other educational centers of the Academy of Créteil. “After all, linguistic preparation is required, hence the idea of ​​a European course”, it specifies.

The opening of Europe was also made at the meeting of another. Teachers will be able to go to other countries to discover teaching there and subsequently build an exchange partnership so that these young people who come to France will also allow our students to go to out of the country.

Laura Morel

All of this preparation can be based in particular on questions of oral fluency, vocabulary and linguistic ambition. “Some students, even at a good level, are uncomfortable speaking,” says one English teacher. Vocabulary and grammar newsletters personalized according to the student can be created to support everyone’s confidence.

And the heads of the establishments of all this?

For the head teachers present that day, this European course was more than a conceivable solution to motivate students for foreign languages. For Éric Barilhé, principal of the Capuchins, “this is a connection between education and opening up the field of possibilities. A great way to develop the ambition of young people.

Jean-François Chalvet and Frantz Glowacki, each the heads of the establishments at Elsa Triolet and Frédéric Chopin colleges are also shown to be attracted to this project. “We want to help them project themselves. Our role is also to take the children by the hand and guide them towards the openness of Europe,” said Jean-François Chalvet.

Colleges hope to bring a new vision to Europe and broaden the horizons of young people.
Colleges hope to bring a new vision to Europe and broaden the horizons of young people. (© WL/RSM77)

However, both head teachers are aware of the problems with this course: “If some teachers are volunteers for this movement, they need to be grouped with young teachers to ensure continuity. project ”, they explained.

They complete this observation on another point that is more difficult to resolve: “Sometimes we have children who volunteer, but experience parental rejection. We are in a busy time in Europe, and it is causing fear. »

Despite everything, Daniel Auverlot was pleased with the enthusiasm aroused by this program among the youth, but also among the managing staff: “Don’t change anything, you understand everything. You have to give them ambition. and you have momentum. You must continue to be like this! »

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