Education and economy: bad start to next five year term!

Posted on May 17, 2022


It will be noted that the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, of in this short interview, where it is only a question of adding 1 hour 30 minutes to scientific teaching to students who are not “specialty teaching”, should refer to the words of the President of the Republic and the Higher Council on programs that promote a “projects for a new math program” for the start of the 2022 academic year:

A “restrained” minister

At the beginning of this decision which seemed to have a capital interest, it was only a question, as determined by the reporter, of observation according to “Everyone has to do the math”. So it is not a question of responding to the need formed in recent months by French business leaders and industrialists, in another form. They want “ more scientists, and if possible also women scientists “.

The future of French industry in the European Union

At a time when the European Union relies heavily on France for electronic chips and the resulting markets: automotive, cloudsinternet of things, connectivity, space, defense and supercomputers, it is strange how much the French ignore that the French baccalaureate does not provide institutions of higher education with enough candidates for studies in science and technology.

The addition of 1.5 hours of instruction, likely primarily in mathematics, to students who choose to pursue other studies, has no interest in the French economy, but it is still impossible in France for a minister to discuss the relationship with education. -economy!

So it was the last intervention of a minister at the end of his career, to speak once again about the school that French parents knew, the four operations mastered from elementary school, and so on.

As he spoke, a most important symposium took place in Nice, organized by UPSTI, because the heart of the problem is not that everyone does mathematics but to get more baccalaureate holders and graduates out of education, proficient in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), working with companies from an early age. However, if we remember the presidential campaign, according to Jean-Michel Blanquer and unfortunately many more, the main school in France aims to teach the basics, a miracle word that attracted the largest number of voters. !

There is a deep gap between what France has to offer in terms of potential in the eyes of European partners and what it focuses on fellow citizens about promises for the future, which should be based on gas. -ohan and research.

Other countries (in Europe, China, the United States, etc.) are convinced that one cannot be new by following severely divided primary and secondary studies solely for the purpose of submitting to dictation in general. mathematics inspectorate. unions.

The completely inappropriate French answer

This observation was already made in 2008 during the French presidency of the European Union; it was again in 2015 when the EU STEM Coalition was formed, of which I am a member; this is even more so than ever before in 2022, as two groups of students travel the French secondary school system – from the sixth to the last year – without an interdisciplinary approach with a close relationship with the practices and industry needs. .

Other ministers realized this: Arnaud Montebourg who oversees Productive Recovery asked me to contact his advisors during a MEDEF meeting; in 2015, Emmanuel Macron, former Minister of Economy, engaged his colleagues, Minister of Education (Najat Vallaud Belkacem) and Minister of Research (Thierry Mandon), in a joint action aimed at taking stock of the current positioning in France in STEM education and school-business relations.

As everyone knows, Arnaud Montebourg left to cut his teeth at INSEAD and then as a business creator. Emmanuel Macron left Bercy and the two other ministers clearly not following up on this daunting project that could upset French teachers ’unions and loyal voters.

Jean-Michel Blanquer also told the media yesterday that there is no problem in organizing this additional education for the start of the 2022 school year since there is a pool. But what breeding ground?

If it’s a question of increasing teaching hours for non -specialist students, no doubt we have teachers. It is also necessary that during the summer, the heads of the establishments will reorganize with their hierarchical superiors their total hourly allocation then they will join a puzzle that will have to match the teachers ’timetables with new service forecasts made at the end of the school year. But they are accustomed to unequivocally fulfilling last -minute demands, which they have never actually experienced. leadership to manage the time, financial or human resources allocated to them.

On the other hand, what about the teachers we need to provide so -called specialty education based on multidisciplinarity and business practices? As I have written in previous articles here, it is important to ensure such recruitment of staff that is not available today, to offer salaries comparable to the industry and consequently to deconstruct the management function. in human resources within National Education. Nothing less!

The next minister

Did Emmanuel Macon have the courage to appoint a minister who could have such courage? It is only at this price that the French economy can recover, that the trade balance can be balanced, that debt can be absorbed …

We must stop believing that the school is a closed vase because wherever a minister, a president, does not miss the opportunity to remember the close relationship between the first training system and the economic situation of his country. .

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