Blanquer, Attal … Who is being approached for ministry?

GOVERNMENT. While the government is in full recomposition, the most important ministries are sought. In National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer does not need to be renewed and in the corridors we breathe the name of Gabriel Attal.

The Ministry of National Education, one of the government’s most important, is waiting to know the name of its next head. While Elisabeth Borne was appointed Prime Minister by Emmanuel Macron on Monday May 16, she was already working with the Head of State to form her government, starting in key positions. Jean-Michel Blanquer has held the reins of the ministry since 2017 and went through many areas of turmoil during his tenure, if he does not expand his personal ambitions, the minister considers his change impossible. But if not him, who? No one can put up a name with certainty but there have been some rumors circulating and the name of the government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, has come out several times. It is said that BFM TV that for this new five-year term a political profile is expected to hold the portfolio of National Education and thus decide with technical personalities and already out of the field of education who have succeeded each other in the position.

The appointment of ministers and the presentation of the new government should take place in “a few days” according to various media, the time of the completion of the organizational chart and the conduct of tax audits of the personalities approached. of the High Authority for transparency of public life (HATVP). the Dispatch from the South promises, however, the announcement of the composition of the government by Alexis Kohler, the secretary general of the Elysée before Friday, May 19.

Will Jean-Michel Blanquer be re-appointed to National Education?

By holding the role of Minister of National Education for five years, Jean-Michel Blanquer broke the record of long life in the ministry. Prior to him, Christian Fouchet spent four years at 110 rue de Grenelle, from 1962 to 1967. Unions frequently denounced “one -stop” political discussions. There is little chance that Jean-Michel Blanquer will return. “It’s never meant to precede these things, but I’m probably not going to transplant”, he himself estimated on Wednesday May 11 in RTL. So many events marked his mandate, first the baccalaureate reform with the introduction of continuous assessment for examination, but also the difficulties encountered in adapting to the school during the two years of the Covid-19 epidemic. , repeated but never satisfactory changes. of health protocols and finally this escape to Ibiza at a time when National Education was going through a crisis.

Faced with all this turmoil, Jean-Michel Blanquer’s technical profile isn’t enough to keep up. However, when he came to government, the minister was aware of the functions of National Education. He was Rector of two academies, the one in Guyana in 2004 and the one in Créteil in 2007, and he currently holds a first position in government: deputy director of the cabinet of the Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Research in 2006. In prior to his arrival at the head of the Ministry of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer was also Director General of School Education in 2009 then Director of the Graduate School of Economics and Commercial Sciences (Essec) from 2013 to 2017.

Gabriel Attal promoted to Minister of National Education?

The youngest executive and now government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, appears on the list of those who should stay in government. His good and loyal service could be rewarded with a promotion and perhaps the direction of a ministry at just 33 years of age. Rumors in the corridors sparked an appointment as Minister of National Education, a post in which Gabriel Attal actually had a compelling look according to Le Figaro. The current Secretary of State to the Prime Minister is not the only one to pull the strings according to Dispatch from the South being careful not to put forward other names but he will occupy the place of the favorite according to BFM TV. The ongoing news channel, always known for its reshuffles, suggests that a more political than technical profile would be desirable to take away from Jean-Michel Blanquer. A box marked by Gabriel Attal who already knew the Hôtel de Rochechouart for going there from October 2018 to July 2020 as Secretary of State to the minister in office, Jean-Michel Blanquer.

What are the other names mentioned for the Ministry of National Education?

A few names have been put forward in the management of the National Education portfolio, a sign that the executive knows how to keep secrets but above all that the ministers themselves were not involved in the discussions before the final ones. change in organizational chart. The media likes it release and Le Figaro report some confidence according to which Bruno Le Maire and Olivier Véran, two ministers and heavyweights in Emmanuel Macron’s first term, will also run to change the Economy and Health for the National Education. Although the change of the two ministers is far from certain according to RTL especially for Olivier Véran who risked leaving his mandate with the label “Covid-19” on his forehead… the aftermath of a pandemic that rocked the past five-year term.

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