Assises – The former president of Gueules d’Amour returns to court for his appeal attempt

Unlike the first time trial last June, Me Ekeu, the victim’s alleged lawyer, indicated that the hearing would not take place through closed doors. The president of the Gueules d’Amour association, Tyler Biasini, was found guilty of a rape charge for which he was indicted and sentenced to 7 years in prison. In opposition to this ruling, a second trial opened on Monday, May 16th.

“I am innocent Madam President”

The court before drawing the raffles for the assize jurors

The act alleged by the indictment began on the night of July 2, 2014. The accused, accompanied by one of his friends, joined the plaintiff, F., who was celebrating his birthday, at the Jungle Bar in Mamoudzou, accompanied by a knowledge. The night continues until the establishment closes at 3 p.m. The individuals were accompanied by the car of Tyler Biasini’s sidekick who first dropped the friend of the alleged victim before dropping the association president at his home with F.

From this moment on the difficulty would have begun. If the defendant does not deny that he had sex that night, he is nonetheless arguing the rape charge for which he is accused. Moreover, when the president of the court asked him the position he would like to defend at this hearing, his answer was intended to be the most lapidary: “I am not guilty, Madam President”. Auditioned via videoconference, F. will return a long time to the events, he said, that night. “He beat me, ridiculed racist insults”, before continuing “he had a knife, he stabbed me, he slapped me, he insulted me”. The young woman will file a complaint the day after the alleged facts.

“I’m trying to put this story behind me”

While Me Cooper, Tyler Biasini’s lawyer, sought to go into more detail about sexual relations, F. expressed his frustration that events had to be rehashed for the 10th time, ” I try to put this story behind me. I can see the pictures every time. I don’t understand why I have to tell this. ” Mr. Cooper’s questions are intended to be precise, F. crescendo’s annoyance; the tone rises, the annoyance appears, the words contradict each other, the sentences are deconstructed, the capricious connection of the videoconference adds to the confusion of misunderstanding.The president of the court is obliged to intervene to calm things down, “I’m here to police the hearing”.

The electric interrogation between Me Cooper and F. implies the martial posture of

Several witnesses as well as the plaintiff were heard on Monday

the accused: sitting on the dock, his body straight in his gaze, his hands sometimes clasped. This stoic immobility is sometimes betrayed, every now and then, by his head turning toward the videoconference screen. However, no reaction was read on his face either during the interrogation of the complainant or in the many speeches of the many witnesses who followed each other from a distance but at the bar.

“I think he is my son”

Met in professional context or on the turn of an evening, childhood friend or from Mayotte, parliamentary assistant, veterinarian, school teacher, former president of the Gueules d’Amour association or even wife and mother, all rent to momentarily his “goodness”, his “goodness”, his “hardworking” side. True, if he is described as “as a man to woman” and “nicknamed”, it is not at any time that witnesses will make inappropriate gestures or insulting words. The former president of Gueules d’Amour was touched, “I wish I had Tyler as my son. He was kind, polite, a hard worker. His heart was in his sleeve. Everyone is convinced that this is a trap. For me, he is my son ”.

The hearing scheduled for two days will end this Tuesday with the Advocate General’s indictment as well as court deliberations.

Pierre Mouyset

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