Web3: He left everything to try to disrupt the music industry

In recent years, more and more high-profile people in the world of entrepreneurship, tech and marketing are throwing everything to start the web3 adventure, cryptocurrencies and metaverse. Attracting profit alone does not justify such haste. The realization that this is the opportunity of a lifetime, the call to adventure and the desire to change the world seems more inspiring to those who have already achieved everything but are willing to start from scratch. This is the case of Anes Boukadoum who went from YouTuber with 500,000 subscribers to entrepreneur in the web music industry3.

successful YouTuber

Anes Boukadoum (Nes B.) is a music lover. He has maintained his passion for music since his childhood, “I never left my cassette player and my microphone”, he told us. This will take him to the conservatory where he is able to develop his skills in a stimulating and compelling environment.

He makes his group music, performing live as well as recordings.

In 2015, he created his YouTube channel and became known for his music creations, his music covers from video games or Japanese anime. He quickly saw the success of an international audience with ten million views and a community that reached 500,000 subscribers in just a few years.

This opens many doors for him and Anes, through his pseudonym Tsuko G., to collaborate with French platform leaders like Rire Jaune or Cyprien, “I know most of them” he added. He was at that time in the circles of successful YouTubers who could make a living from it.

But after five years, Anes was tired. “I’m tired of having to constantly make videos that don’t have time to produce quality so as not to be penalized by the algorithm”. He was trying to do something else but he still didn’t know what.

From Noisiel to MIT

In addition to his interests in music and YouTube, Anes studied embedded systems engineering and began his career with large groups such as Intel and Renault. This beginning of a career is not exactly what we call an enchantment for him to be an artist, he was a rebel, he felt like a pioneer.

However, his engineering, rational, technological profile gives him a unique advantage. To be able to analyze the music system under a different prism.

And there, Anes was hurt by the inequality and ineffectiveness of the music industry. Among the problems identified:

  • the fact that artists do not own their music
  • the hungry wages of artists
  • the abusive contracts of mayors
  • payment deadlines
  • the impossibility of managing their music on the platforms as they see fit …

To Anes’s surprise, “it takes more than 300,000 streams/month to get a minimum wage (excluding taxes), only 1% of Spotify artists can make a living from it”. He recognizes an unreasonable and in his view unequal asymmetry between the impact artists have on their audiences on the one hand and the opportunities for monetization on the other.

There are too many intermediaries who get all the money, “in order for any artist to live from his passion and sustain the fruit of his work, we need to cut out the middle people and bring in today’s technologies. in the industry ”, he said.

Transformation in the music industry using the web3

Decided, he found his new project. A project that pleased him more than his fame on YouTube, his career as an engineer and his BMW Z4 collection. Anes wants to destroy the music industry by empowering artists.

Here he makes a decision that seems dangerous and shocking, rejecting everything he has built up before, Anes:

  • deactivated its Tsuko G channel to 500,000 subscribers
  • changed his name and continued his first name Nes B.
  • quit his career as an engineer
  • sold all his property

Freed from all that, he can finally start building a new life project on the web3. Part of his collections will go to developing his knowledge of blockchain through a Master of Engineering from the prestigious MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the other part will go to developing a new web3 startup, Meteora Here are the promises:

For artists

  • total ownership of the owners.
  • choosing the salary model that best suits him: number of copies, streaming, or sales to the master
  • price determination
  • Artificial intelligence for impartial marketing
  • subscription model
  • production and distribution of NFTs

For the audience

  • listening to music of the highest quality
  • recommendation of an AI based on their listening habits
  • ability to own, sell and sell NFTs to their favorite artists
  • gamification in collecting NFTs
  • interaction in a musical Metaverse

For industry professionals

  • creating labels, networking artists, managing rights, royalty and payments
  • sell and track recording, mixing, mastering, live performance and studio rental services
  • take advantage of a marketplace to sell access to events, merchandising and goodies

Exit Spotify, Deezer, Rarible and other Openea… Meteora claims to be a unique tool that will ultimately bring technical solutions to artists, listeners and professionals.

So, is it worth it for Anes to delete his YouTube channel, stop his engineering career and drop everything to try to change the music industry? It’s only time to say… But he’s definitely not the only one to choose web3 and many more will follow in the months and years to come.

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