The Time Traveler’s Wife: a beautiful love story with no interest

Steven Moffat’s new creation (Doctor Who, Sherlock) is a serial adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife. But behind the very successful chronological collapse, the story struggles to appeal to us.

If your husband is a time traveler, it’s a bit complicated in marriage. There are ups and downs, but ups and downs are likely to take over if your husband is constantly missing out only to come back a few minutes later in a mess-and naked. This is the story of this single couple that the series tells The Wife of the Time Travelercarried by Rose Leslie (Clare, the wife) and Theo James (Henry, the husband).

This was created by Steven Moffat (Who doctor, sherlock) is a new adaptation of Audrey Niffenegger’s eponymous book, made into film in 2009. The series was produced on HBO and, in France, is available on US+24 on OCS from this Monday, May 16, 2022.

By claiming, from its title, to focus on the time traveler’s wife, the story of The Wife of the Time Traveler promises an original story, which will provide another look at time travel. This is part of the case: we are witnessing a rude story. The problem is that he has trouble entertaining us – unless we consider Theo James ’butt as an exciting element of a plot.

A chaotic love story

A love story in total chaos: this is how we can summarize The Wife of the Time Traveler. When Clare first met Henry, she was a little girl. She shows up in her garden and they chat and play chess together. Except that Henry already knew Clare: at the time, he was 41 years old and he was married to an older version of Clare. As a result, when Henry first met Clare, at the age of just twenty, Clare already knew who she was, and that they were set to get married.

Rose Leslie played Clare in The Time’s Traveler Wife // Source: HBO

This is only the beginning of the temporal maelstrom, as Henry, at any age, sometimes travels through his past and his present, crossing paths with Clare and the other characters in a disjointed way. This chronological collapse was surprisingly successful: we didn’t lose. Touch Steven Moffat, a regular on well -done cerebral writing, offers The Wife of the Time Traveler the consistency required by a series when it comes to the dangerous subject of time travel. So the big picture of events is perfectly written and mastered.

This temporal explosion also makes it possible to provide a more intelligent statement of the expectations one has in a couple – expectations that, sometimes, even often, can distort reality to the point of causing severe human damage. travel time, to The Wife of the Time Travelerclose to the philosophical narrative used in love.

The time traveler’s handcuffs

The duo between Rose Leslie and Theo James works well, especially thanks to the specific talent of one and the other, but the alchemy of the characters is a bit difficult. In question, a narrative that is almost exclusively fond of tragic moments, so it becomes hard to feel what the relationship is outside of fate … and sex. However, it is difficult to base an entire work of fiction on these two aspects.

It is true that there are some touching moments. Other than that The Wife of the Time Traveler wasting a lot of time in unreasonable or embarrassing scenes. Among them, the posterior of Theo James, back and forth. If his character teleports back in time, he finds himself completely naked. On each trip – and there are many trips – so we find a completely naked Theo James. If the gimmick makes sense and is even a bit ridiculous, the series uses and abuses it until the behind the scenes becomes our daily life at every stage. Boring.

By choosing romantic comedy and the couple, The Wife of the Time Traveler missed the opportunity provided by a dish by this story and the title of the series: talking about the wife of the time traveler. Talking about Clare, then. To really immerse yourself in his unique daily life. And, of course, HBO’s work takes time to tell its story, but a couple’s life is much longer.

The HBO adaptation of The Wife of the Time Traveler so a nice story, but lacking in enthusiasm. A kind of beautiful love story that has no interest though at all, because it always flies in what can be heart -pounding at work.

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The judge

The Wife of the Time Traveler a beautiful story, which tells a story of love interrupted by a curse: Henry travels through time unintentionally, unexpectedly, and his wife, Clare, has to live it. This romantic comedy is original, and gives us touching moments thanks to the talent of Rose Leslie and Theo James, throughout a perfectly controlled temporal construction.

But mastery of chronology is not enough. We wanted the story to take us beyond Clare’s daily life, by combining how much Henry traveled in her life. Many unreasonable or embarrassing scenes keep you from fully immersing yourself in this wonderful daily life.

The end is the apotheosis of this ambivalence: everything comes together perfectly well, but on the other hand, it ends up like a hair of soup, without any real sparkle.

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