The doors are open (or closed?) To The Island of Love!

Are your doors completely closed? Like, will you open your doors to someone else?

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No, singles from the island of love at TVA don’t take a real estate broker course at Mascouche (hello, William!) to prepare for open weekend visits.

Believe it or not, our Las Terrenas gringos and gringas speak the Rona-mourning type metaphor. Yes Yes. This is a code. And it doesn’t take a doctorate in semantics to decode this less secretive language, lubricated with Belgian Moon LightSky and Bianca’s iced coffees.

Closed doors mean the person stays in bed and doesn’t risk looking at another islander’s sunglasses. The open doors, on the other hand, represent the journey of William, the mid-open door specialist, who is never completely “tied down”, who enthusiastically dates Amanda, Roxanne and Audrey without one. lunar cycle.

Last week, our Dominican roommates graduated from higher school in reality TV, which is by literary analogy.

Here’s Jacob, a construction guy, about his painful breakup with Bianca, known as Bibi, whom he dated, what, two big weeks: “we turned the page instead of closing the book”.

Bianca’s version of the same traumatic event also borrows from the most famous writers, but in a Franco-Ontarian accent: “we close our chapters”. Simple, direct, punchy. This is almost a remake ofExcerpts in the box of a pickup truck parked under a palm tree.

This is the second season of the island of lovewhich is similar to the structure of the account ofDouble work, more fun than before with its love triangles and the division of the villa into two opposing families. And the famous house doors will be beating like a saloon this week with the arrival of a new batch of hearts to break / take / hold.

The narrator of the island of loveMehdi Bousaidan, pulled out very good gags and machine-gun it at a less aggressive pace than at the start.


Host Naadei Lyonnais

On the other hand, there was something wrong with host Naadei Lyonnais, a little present on the stages. When Naadei showed up for the flame ceremonies, in slow motion, the tide did not flow with the glowing face in attendance. In fact, Rubie’s faux-tweed jacket, 35 degrees humid, was the final test for the mattifying lotion.

Naadei’s empathy and interest in the show seemed insincere. It was apparently Thursday night, when he uttered the world’s most cliché sentence before an elimination: “one of the most important romantic relationships here is the one you develop with yourself”. The two-peso psychopop than no. Especially in this neon-lit artificial environment, which emphasizes express connections or hands-free formula.

In the French section, the pearls caught by the competitors formed a necklace that they proudly wore by the side of the swimming pool. For Samuel, it was like “little three making the vase break”. There’s also Audrey who allows herself to be “surprised at her own game”.

Not to forget this vague situation that worried Bianca. The annoyance, the tearing, it gives annoyance when one speaks the attached letters.

Like Éloïse with her Roku on Double occupancy: With usthree players in the island of love (Mathieu, Jacob and Kharl) would have access to the internet to chat with their loved ones in life.

The loser of this deception? The great Karl. The production created the surprise return of his sweet Amélie, who was expelled from the public two weeks ago. But Kharl’s digital pranks torpedo this romantic project. The next textoooo! De Kharl had to be a one-way trip to Montreal. Persuasion, friend. With Guy Jodoin already on the air, there is no room for the two VAT scammers.

The stairs, not Paul Piché’s

Millions of us are captivated by the amazing ‘real crime’ series in 2018 The Staircase (doubts in the French version of Netflix). What a remarkable story – and 100% true – of novelist and columnist Michael Peterson, who allegedly (or not) killed his wife Kathleen at the foot of the stairs of their mansion in Durham, South Carolina, in December 2001.

The Staircase followed Michael Peterson’s meticulous test preparation, full of twists and skulls coming out of the closet. It’s like watching a Hollywood crime thriller knowing that not all protagonists are actors.

Now, is it worth watching fictional miniseries? The Staircase from HBO, which is from this gem of “real crime” and which is offered on the Crave platform? Yes, perfectly. First, I forgot all the twists (don’t google anything to keep the fun going, please).


The Staircase

Then, the cast is impressive: Colin Firth, Toni Collette, Juliette Binoche, Parker Posey, Rosemarie DeWitt and Sophie Turner, aka Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.

The humorous story of this bourgeois family broken up by a suspected death takes an unexpected direction thanks to the character played by Juliette Binoche, whose exact role I will not reveal if the plot is not revealed.

The miniseries The Staircase from HBO intertwines its eight-hour period to produce the original documentary series by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade. Very meta, everyone.

And why would a French team invest so many years in the unfortunate case of Michael Peterson, a relatively unknown writer? Here’s a step up the stairs that takes us to a floor that hasn’t been explored yet.

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