star farmer reveals the tragic death of his ex -wife

In the latest episode of TPMP People on Saturday, fans of Love is in the pasture pleased to see former participants make an impression. In fact, do you remember Jean-Michel and Thierry? They were kind enough to talk about their love life after the broadcast Love is in the pasture. Alas, Jean-Michel recounts the difficult period when one of his former colleagues died of severe conditions.

Love is in the pasture: we will give you news from former farmers …

On the set ofTPMP Peopleled by Matthieu Delormeau, several candidates from Love is in the pasture they have, like Jean-Michel, Thierry Olive and also the couple Alexandre and Mathieu who have been in the spotlight for some time.

Former candidate of TPMP People

If you are used to it Love is in the pasture, you can’t forget the candidate of season 6, Jean-Michel. He was a cattle breeder. One thing is for sure, the path to finding love is not a long calm river for the farmer in M6. Amid bankruptcy, heartache and depression, Jean-Michel took a long time to recover. Jean-Michel’s image has inspired many women Love is in the pasture. Unfortunately, the candidate did not succeed in finding his soul mate thanks to the program, as Matthieu Delormeau recalls.

Jean-Michel falls in love with Nathalie, but her crush is not mutual and that’s where the story ends. But, since this adventure, has he met other women? Matthieu Delormeau did not go into dead hands and made less of a summary of his condition after the release of Love is in the pasture. In fact, there was no wife and no more farm that he was forced to give. As a result, he became very depressed and even tried to commit suicide. Today, she is single, but she still has a long -term romantic relationship.

A chaotic journey of love afterwards Love is in the pasture

I have daughters, but I don’t want it to be known in the press. I live the secret love“, began Jean-Michel, who admitted to living” almost two years “with a woman.” Afterwards stopped. », as he said before adding a terrible event… ” Afterwards I met a girl who had died in a car in Clermont-Ferrand. Then I have adventures, and then there you are… ”continued the former candidate of Love is in the pasture. Honestly, Matthieu Delormeau’s guest doesn’t always have luck by his side in the realm of love…

Despite his sorrows and this road accident, Jean-Michel climbed the slope. However, he returned to romantic relationships. In fact, he no longer seeks love in any way. ” Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. I like it but I spend my time“, He confessed to Matthieu Delormeau. Besides, Jean-Michel is also successful with men who send her letters, but that doesn’t seem to be for her.

Notice to interested parties!

In 2012, during an interview for our colleagues from Paris here, Jean Michel sa Love is in the pasture Talks about his love life and the women he dated. ” They are between 24 and 26 years of age. I’m 40 now. But if you love each other, age doesn’t matter. Alas, these stories don’t last“, He confessed at the time. In any case, this is good news for admirers looking for love. In fact, Jean-Michel is back in the solo market. But be careful, gentle, he wants to spend his time!

Aside from minor health issues, all is well for Thierry Olive who is still in Annie’s relationship. As for Alexandre and Mathieu, they shine and shine on set, even if they receive death threats…

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