Revenge of the Shredder – Duck PC

You know, the famous war cry of the turtles: Cowabunga. Well, this is not an invention of comics or cartoons, but a simple reworking of an onomatopoeia featuring a 1950s children’s show called Howdy Doody and with a puppet to give you the panic at night. Later, this scream would become popular with surfers before the end of Ninja Turtles, but also The Simpsons and many other products of American pop culture. But note that France, the eternal representative of beauty, has also distinguished itself in one of the earliest advertisements for Ninja Turtles toys, thanks to an actor who may have recently discovered the term and pronounced “Cobawunga*”. Yes, I know things. All this to tell you that by rubbing the shoulders of the Ninja Turtles, the developers of Tribute Games will not only get a handy license, in the face of convinced thirty things in advance. They played my fucking childhood.

* Yes, no fuss.

Theme is the size of the rat.

Ninja Turtles, Ninja Turtles ♫

If you work at Tribute Games, there is no need to call the police or jump on the first plane to Colombia, because the first contact with Revenge of the Shredder positive. ” All right, you still won’t cry in front of the retro game “, I said to myself while watching the cinematic introduction, in the form of a full rendition of the original credits of 1987. So no, I wasn’t crying. On the other hand, I had enough goosebumps throughout. life, because this appetizer reveals an unconditional love for the source material.And it can be the same for the game itself, an unofficial sequence of very good Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, released in 1989 on arcade machines and many other platforms. Want 3D? Mental illness 8K texture? Inspiring cinematic scenes? Go to your room and let the adults know.

An unofficial sequel to the excellent Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, released in 1989 in arcade terminals.

Ninja Turtles, Ninja Turtles ♫

Before it even goes to the heart of the matter, Revenge of the Shredder immediately gives the impression that Tribute Games has set its own goal of remaking the same game, but with all the decay allowed by the use of modern technologies. So yes, it is pixel art, but damn it works well. And how not to drop a Oh oh, did you see ??? in his play, if all an excuse for a ridiculous little animation? Here, there is really no question of watching the foot come in a file, because everyone can be an excuse to put them in ridiculous situations, thus allowing us to watch them cook or work on computers before coming to exchange some donuts with you. And donuts, because we’re talking about it … Pfoulàlàlà.

Ninja Turtles, Ninja Turtles ♫

I don’t know when to get out Revenge of the Shredder, but the demo that was just given to us is very clean. And if the packaging sends dreams, Tribute Games has also mastered its subject when it comes to the game. Do you hate games that force you to learn a lot of combinations? Strafe the controller and you can get rid of it nicely. But if your thing is to find the point? Don’t worry, because each character has their own fighting style, from an ultra agile April to a slow but powerful Splinter, which goes through of course four turtles with more or less variety. statistics. Solid in its basic proposition, the game though seeks to bring more than that, even with the help of enemies with different attacks, power-ups and some subtleties like a system of helping each other. one inherited from Double Dragon: Neon to give a little life to a friend by clapping his hand. True, it’s hard to gauge the deeper suggestion of a title after surveying in a loop two small levels with six characters, but Revenge of the Shredder all of the same seems to be well on its way to a good beat’em all. Kind of like we were together on a sofa, with beers and crisps. Or hot chocolate and pajamas, if you’re a big loser like me.

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