Nicolas (Love is in the pasture): after his serious accident that left him unrecognizable, the news is bad

Nicolas, the former Love candidate in the pasture had a terrible accident, leaving him unrecognizable. Bad news …

Since the accident, the former candidate Love is in the pasture and her bridegroom did not see the end of this story. Every day Nicolas fights with Ludivine to get paid or find a solution to replace his teeth. A few weeks later, the young woman gave some news.

The accident started on September 22. Nicolas was the victim of a work accident and since that day, the L’Amour candidate is in pre 2013 and his fiancé Ludivine has been fighting to get financial help. Something unbeaten, as the beautiful blonde confessed in an Instagram story, in April.

A story that will not go on

Many Internet users have been amazed at Nicolas ’condition since his accident. Keep in mind that the Morbihan cow breeder has “kicked in the jaw of a cow”. Following this, the farmer lost consciousness for a few moments and even broke his lip. Ludivine immediately dismissed their children Abriel (6 years old), Mael (4 years old) and Ninon (3 years old). Mom didn’t want them to see their dad like this. Ludivine immediately contacted her in -laws, who quickly went to the emergency room. At the time, he made some assumptions about his companion’s condition: “Nicolas had 7 missing teeth, had 2 on the puck. Fractures, bruises. The lip where a piece was missing. Now that there aren’t many piercings left, you have to understand that we don’t. We want to, even the ceramics. He has little roots and bones. The estimate is very high, these are the consequences of an accident at work “.

The couple immediately contacted insurance and the MSA (Mutualité sociale agricole) in hopes of getting compensation. But in March, they passed the ball. And the situation of grief is still unresolved. “Right now we don’t have much feedback from the MSA from the consulting dentist. We are still waiting for quotes for dentures. We saw the social worker who told us that no one wants to make an effort. He Nicolas, for all the care, no no more head, no more mouth, no more no more teeth … But that’s not enough. Because otherwise, he has cancer of the mouth, teeth. or tongue. That’s farming, we don’t have any supported “Ludivine was angry.

A solution and a denial

Nicolas and he went to the hospital to see a stomatologist (medical and surgical specialty that consists of studying the oral cavity and adjacent tissues). A solution was proposed but the farmer refused: “He told us that it was a bone and human graft that had to be done. So from the bone of Nicolas’s skull to return to the piercings. Then to redirect us to Nantes. So that means we still have to do those consultation and evaluation at the polyclinic. But Nicolas didn’t want to get hurt, to make a bone graft that might not work. Months and months of waiting. The bone grafting option was eliminated “told Ludivine.

“Make a bar and fix its implants”is the solution for the beautiful brown but she doesn’t know if it can be done, without help. “We were asked to redo the quotes for a denture. It was learned that he did not support temporary dentures”added his companion.

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2/12 –

The farmer had a terrible accident at work that left him unrecognizable

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3/12 –

Accident than work accident. Nicolas was kicked in the jaw by a cow

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4/12 –

His breeding is located in Morbihan, the place where the accident took place

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5/12 –

Nicolas and Ludivine
The couple continues to fight for financial help

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6/12 –

On their visit to the stomatologist, the verdict fell

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7/12 –

Nicolas rejects the solution suggested by the specialist: “Nicolas doesn’t want to get hurt, to make a bone graft that won’t work”

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8/12 –

Before the accident all was well for this family

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9/12 –

Ludivine also prefers to protect children from this accident

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10/12 –

Love is in the pasture
A little reminder of course! The couple joined Love is in the meadow in 2013

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11/12 –

Nicolas wants to use a solution: “Make a bar and fix its implants”

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12/12 –

Nicolas and Ludivine
Meanwhile, the couple continues to fight for financial help

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