NFT Moon Metaverse, the madness of MetaFi and Create2Earn

At the beginning of the year, the gaming industry was amazed at the model Play2Earn (P2E). However, things are moving fast and progress is leading to model creation Make2Earn (C2E). MetaFi is evolving and more useful than the previous GameFi.

MetaFi and Create2Earn

NFT Moon Metaverse is a MetaFi blockchain project based on the digital copy of the Moon. The idea is simple: create towns and a digital economy on the moon, including terrain schemes, characters and other game properties.

The NFT Moon Metaverse is part of the world’s largest metaverse. It is a space for communication, business negotiation and expression using the latest technologies and advantages of Web3.

The particularity of the NFT Moon Metaverse is its connection to the real world. It’s an entire ecosystem that can be a micro-simulator to build economies and organize life on other planets. People can emulate life in space in the distant future, create communities, build businesses, towns and economies, learn and earn real money.

It is divided into 10,000 virtual lands, converted to NFT certificates and divided into 6 categories according to their rarity and number. Each level has its originality, from basics to genesis. A player will be able to sell lunar eclipses, rent them, build lunar houses, make NFT objects, state, economy, and more.

An important part of the project is the city of Moonopolis, the first city in the NFT Moon Metaverse. This is an economical simulator with graphics that are almost real. Entry into the city can only be done with identity cards, which will give their owner many tools and rights. Each cardholder will receive a financial allowance based on the type of ID card they have. Each identity document represents a unique key generated by the polygon blockchain.

Switch from Play2Earn on Make2Earn

The GameFi industry is based on a mix of video games and decentralized finance. Thanks to NFTs, in-game items become liquid assets that can be sold outside of the game itself.

The power of the idea of ​​Play2Earn, where players can earn real money by completing and playing, has a lot of immediate success over other games like Axie Infinity. However, these games are not controlled, the model seems to be “ short term“, the danger is to change the ecosystems of the game that are likely to create a bubble and burst it.

However, there is no need to add centralized regulations “from the real worldto make it safer. This has already proven their ineffectiveness. Such is the emergence of MetaFi, which is a combination of metaverse and decentralized finance, creating a new model called Make2Earn.

Players manage C2E games on their own. This will allow them to expand the virtual universe, create startups and grow the ecosystem. In addition, players will be able to create NFTs on their own.

In February 2022, the C2E pixel art metaverse, Chillchat raised $ 1.85 million. However, the company has already auctioned off most of its characters. The NFT Moon Metaverse is an example of a project that is still in its early stages. In making the first town, Moonopolis, NFT Moon Metaverse, an Emirati company, will mark its presence in this market in May 2022.

Since Moonopolis will be autonomous and decentralized, management is in the hands of the first 5,000 avatars. They have a special status among locals and become a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

With the DAO structure, each avatar has a vote on decisions about the operation of the NFT Moon Metaverse.

Being avant-garde has its advantages. The developers call this management experience POSSIBLE:

  • make: Avatar can be a “metastartuper“o usa”metacreator”, Because every company that creates Moon Metaverse will share its returns with DAO.
  • Learning: Moonopolis will offer educational programs that teach new skills. This will help increase revenue potential.
  • gain: avatars will be able to sell ID cards to Moonwalkers (NFT Moon Community). In addition, there are over 300 ways to earn money in this metaverse, the most common is renting lunar spaces.
  • Voting : Since control is in the hands of the avatars, they also have the right to vote. This will help them master the future of the metaverse and its evolution.
  • Enjoy : And because it’s not just life’s work, avatars also have front -line seats at incredible events. It can also add fun to the winning experience.
  • Signatures: According to the developers,“A wise and transparent decision creates revenue streams for you”.

On May 15, NFT Moon Metaverse began selling the first 500 Avatars. The price is set at 0.08 Ethereum (ETH). During the public sale on May 17, the remaining 4,500 avatars will be sold at a price of 0.1 ETH.

To participate, applicants must register with Discord where the company will whitelist qualified applicants. They will receive notice of the presale.


In conclusion, the MetaFi system can help improve the system GameFi already existed. Moving from P2E to C2E, we will experience a more transparent, coded, open source, and equally distributed metaverse. This is a very good ecosystem to generate active and passive income. In addition, it helps to learn new skills and participate in a community that is like-minded in a virtual space.

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