NFT and copyright, 32 central banks, Stricter rules for NFT in Europe

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, Crypto has presented an endless amount of white space with both imaginable and unimaginable market opportunities, always with mobile at the center of the Art of Gaming. S2022

The drama this week

The drama around the L1 blockchain and its leading figure, Do Kwon, has been in the headlines for several days. But since Sunday, this activity has declined. In what might be a reflection of this, crypto markets appear to be calmer, but bitcoin is still selling below $ 30,000. But many questions remain. The price of Terra’s algorithmic stablecoin, TerraUSD (UST), rose from $ 1 to $ 0.20 this week, while the LUNA token fell more than 99%, halting the Terra Blockchain. UST’s $ 14 billion worth is about to evaporate this week. If there’s something you shouldn’t do with blockchains, stop making blocks!

The proposed reboot of the Terra blockchain has attracted criticism from many quarters, and the broader question of whether the community on this project will regain a watch. The regulatory and business implications can take months or even longer to materialize. Many companies have come out to say that in the end they were not affected by the crisis, but for this publisher, it is too early to say.

The co-founder of coinhouse sent an email to his clients, taking: “We recently experienced a historic moment of the loss of an emblematic project, LUNA and its flagship project the stablecoin UST. It only took 48 hours, with no warning signs, for in the crypto-asset market to observe one of its most violent phases.We were forced to cease the operation of LUNA whose price and availability are no longer offered by our liquidity provider partners.UST stablecoin is not yet available to COINHOUSE, or our Crypto Passbooks, unaffected by its stall. (read our technical analysis on LUNA) This type of event never appears random and introduces a “bear market.” The negative price momentum continued for several weeks amid monetary tightening at major central banks.It also weighed on the equity market, which has been slowly sinking, a distance from last year’s euphoria.

light park

Millions of people hold bitcoin as their first entry into the crypto ecosystem. A 2021 survey found that 86% of Americans had heard about cryptocurrency and 16% interacted with crypto, compared to only 48% who knew in a similar survey in 2015.

The startup is backed by a wide range of investors including a16z Crypto, Paradigm, Coatue and Matrix Partners. Led by David Marcus, former head of crypto and digital finance operations at Meta, then head of Messenger and longtime CEO of Paypal. Lightspark plans to build a backend infrastructure for businesses, developers, and entrepreneurs who want to transact on the Lightning Network. Lightning is a protocol built on top of Bitcoin with the goal of supporting smaller, less expensive transactions. Lightspark will not focus on creating its own stablecoin or cryptocurrency.

Bitstack, save on bitcoin

An application available in the Beta version in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland. The idea and that your extra transfer from your bank account, is automatically separated into Bitcoin. Bitstack rounds up your daily expenses to automatically generate Bitcoin savings for you.

Recognizing regulation is tedious, it all needs to be simplified, I’m not sure this verification process outside of Europe can be as tedious? of course you need to verify the information, but the procedure is complicated for a typical user, even if the app integrates the following steps: photo ID card front and back, video of your face, and voice recording, connection to your bank account, digital signature on direct debit

If NFT grants power back to copyright

Strange story of a street recording of an iconic 20 -second audio clip of Mexican culture, doubled thousands of times heard every day, from megaphones attached to pickup trucks in Mexico City. The blockchain, NFT makes it possible to do without the traditional channels and the traditional copyright mechanisms in Mexico. An artist took this soundtrack to create a work of art representing Maria and Marco the authors of this audio clip, driving a rusty flying van. This NFT makes it possible to exploit the monetization potential without the intervention of lawyers and regulators.


Madonna launched the first NFTs with Beeple

You’ve probably seen her on the networks, pop culture icon Madonna and digital artist Beeple have announced a three-video NFT collaboration featuring a nude CGI Madonna giving birth. She is called the “Mother of Creation”. But in classic Beeple fashion, the visuals are surreal and disturbing…

32 central banks

32 central banks and 12 financial authorities from 44 countries will meet in El Salvador to discuss financial inclusion, digital economy, banking for the bankless, #Bitcoin deployment and the benefits it in countries.

NFT issuers may need to center and register

New European Union rules could force issuers of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to centralize and register a move that insiders say would “significantly expand” the planned EU crypto rules, according to a document found on CoinDesk.
The plans, which are nearing completion, could also strengthen the rules on foreign exchanges accessing the blockchain and keep a more stringent view of crypto mining energy consumption, even if the risk of a bitcoin ban seems to have receded. The document was prepared by France, whose government is responsible for chairing EU Council talks.


1 billion crypto users

Coinbase CEO predicts one billion crypto users within a decade from nearly 200 million today, Coinbase Chief Executive Brian Armstrong told the Milken Institute Global Conference on Monday. His comments come at a time of turmoil in crypto markets. After hitting a long time of nearly $ 69,000 in November, the value of Bitcoin plummeted. The world’s largest cryptocurrency is down about 17% year-to-date.

Personal advertisements on Metaverse billboards

This is the first step in making Metaverse advertising easily accessible for all forward-thinking brands looking for Metaverse exposure.

NFT Plazas is the first of its kind solution for Metaverse advertising, helping to bring thousands of new brands to Decentraland through a simple and efficient user interface. Users can reach a global audience in minutes, without having to code or create a metaverse. The simple checkout process allows anyone from anywhere to log into Metaverse, without any special skills, and broadcast their brand message on billboards spread across multiple high-end location in Decentraland.


Luxury and NFT Webinar

In just a few months, NFTs have made a remarkable entry into the world of technology, and the metaverse already represents a lot of potential for the sector. If luxury wants to conquer these new virtual and immersive worlds because they represent inevitable opportunities, even then their well-being and the new challenges they bring to the industry must be questioned. To understand this interesting event, Eric Briones, Managing Director of Journal du Luxe, will host a round table with web3 pioneers (Exclusible, Sandbox) and leading luxury experts (IFOP) to discuss the future in the sector with NFTs and its evolution in the metaverse.


Balmain and Mintnft

French fashion house Balmain is preparing to deve deeper into the metaverse with a new partnership with Mintnft. The collaboration will consist of an NFT linked to Balmain’s legacy, titled “Non-Fungible Thread” to address the home’s builder, Pierre Balmain, and his shared design vision. The one-of-a-kind NFT will evolve over time based on upcoming accessories, sneakers and home trends, while also offering membership benefits to the brand’s influencer network.


Building blocks

Building Blocks since 2017 is one of the largest implementations of blockchain technology for humanitarian aid. It currently helps 1 million people in Bangladesh and Jordan, allowing them to safely access and receive multiple forms of assistance from various organizations through one access point. In Jordan, for example, it offers refugees digital payments that are stored on their smartphones and reside on the blockchain, where funds can be tracked and transactions cannot be changed. If a refugee buys at an outlet, he or she can access funds from a digital wallet that requires a biometric scan before authorizing payment. In addition to cash disbursement, families participating in the program will now receive a digital voucher to redeem for food and other necessities, with transactions fully authenticated on the blockchain via a wallet stored on their smartphone. .



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