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Meta Kongz an NFT, metaverse convergence company founded in January 2022 by Kangmin Lee. The company envisions to be a leading post-metaverse company. It aims to be the next generation global platform company based on unique blockchain technology and marketing. The plan is to pioneer the new economic continent, the metaverse, and be able to integrate with Web 3.0. It aims to be a metaverse where everyone can dream and hope no matter what time and space.

The company started by creating and selling NFT – Meta Kongz in December 2021. This was followed by the creation of Kongz Playground by CryptoVoxels and an ad in Times Square, New York. Finally, in January 2022, he partnered with The Sandbox and organized the first metaverse concert Meta Kongz.

He opened a physical game at CGV’s Kongz in Yongsan, Seoul in February. He launched the Mutant Kongz and G.rilla Genesis ecosystem, which ranked number one in 24-hour trading volume on OpenSea about two weeks ago. The following month, she entered into a global partnership with Dropp and launched the Baby Kongz breeding system. In addition, he purchased an additional 6 × 6 lot in The Sandbox and launched his management system, where voting has already begun.

Meta Kongz NFT

Meta Kongz NFT a collection of 10,000 PFP Kongz released in the multi-universe. It was developed by Lee Doo-hee and the Kongz team to globalize K-NFTs and therefore the K-Metaverse as a K-POP wave. The first 3,000 Kongz sold in 32 seconds, and the next 3,000 sold in 5 seconds, while the third 3,500 copies took 6 seconds to sell.

NFT currently remains the highest spot on OpenSea’s Klaytn channel with a floor price of 12,500 KLAY and a traded volume of 315,751.24 KLAY. It has approximately 2,800 holders. Meta Kongz NFT increased more than 50 times from its strike price of 150 KLAY. Holders of Meta Kongz have access to the farm system, DeFi system, and Kongz store. In addition, they can mine 4 MKC per day.

The release of the Mutant Kongz and G.rilla collection led to the expansion of the ecosystem. The collection contains 19,500 items with over 5,000 owners. It has a floor price of 1,045 KLAY with a sales volume of 62,847 KLAY.

Meta Kongz NFT and its NFT partners are on the Klaytn Chain, but there are plans to move them to the Ethereum network for globalization reasons. In the recently concluded management vote, the community agreed to implement migration. This migration is due to the problems faced by non -Koreans in using the Klaytn channel. In addition, it will facilitate more visibility for the project.

Meta Kongz Partners

In addition to the economic gains available to Meta Kongz holders, they have access to the benefits of the metaverse. During its existence, Meta Kongz has been associated with well-known industries and projects. These industries include Brave Entertainment, Overseas Worldwide, Infinity Market, YG KPLUS, and more. Their project partners include King of Planetets, Raving Goblins, Lazy Gourmet CLUB, Terra World, Dropp, KlayForest, and more.

In a recent MOU announcement, Meta Kongz has partnered with Shinsegae Group and Hyundai Motors. The MOU with Shinsegae Group includes the production of 10,000 PFPs with an actual utility roadmap. Mining will take place in June and holders will enjoy offline benefits. In the memorandum of understanding it with Hyundai Motors, they will collaborate to produce 30 limited edition NFTs. This announcement makes Hyundai Motors the first automaker to enter the community space.

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