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LEAGUE. Marie-Elen Dubé lost the love of her life on October 14, 2021. To honor her memory, she put herself first, but with a raw heart, on a challenge as difficult as physical and emotional. She will run the queen event on the run.

This is a weak and strong woman who will participate on May 22 in the first marathon to be presented in Drummondville.

Basically very athletic, Ms. Dubé claims there will be little training in 2021 due to his lover’s sudden illness over the past four years.

Patrick Fréchette learned he had acute lymphoblastic leukemia in March 2021. He died of it seven months later, at the age of 33.

“Patrick was very good physically. When he tried a new sport, he wrestling dali. He skis, bikes, runs and plays hockey. He worked all day in construction, and at night he still had the energy to go to training. People can’t believe it. Then, at some point, the fatigue began. He began to have pain in his lower back. We consulted a doctor, ”said Marie-Elen Dubé.

The arrested phone call came the next day. The result of his blood test was clear: cancer. Patrick was immediately admitted to a hospital in Trois-Rivières. He remained there for five to six weeks.

“He had chemotherapy treatments and after that he was in remission. Doctors agreed however that stem cell transplant was the best solution to ensure the disease did not return. He was lucky to have an international donor. On August 9, he was hospitalized he was in Quebec for a transplant and he was released in mid-September, ”the grieving 37-year-old said.

Patrick Fréchette died at the age of 33. (Photo courtesy)

Although very hard on his body, the dangerous procedure was so good that when Patrick was out of the hospital, he was treated by the sound of the hospital staff bell. Everyone thought he was cured.

“We thought we would never go to the hospital again. But he came back a few days later because he had post-transplant complications. His condition got worse. He had viruses and he developed new cancer, “lymphoma. She got 110 pounds of fluid in ten days. It was all swollen. She was put on dialysis and then on a ventilator while she was receiving chemotherapy treatments again,” Marie-Elen Dubé recalled. .

Patrick Fréchette died shortly thereafter, on October 14, 2021. “I was lying next to him and felt his last breath…”

Absolute happiness

Marie-Elen and Patrick made perfect fun. They choose to live a month and a half after their meeting. They cannot be separated.

“We always say that we have experienced more things together in four years than many couples in ten years. We are together all the time. We never argued. We understand everything. It was very special. Patrick was a kind man. I didn’t see him come home in a bad mood. He is a ray of sunshine and he loves me so much in an incredible way ”, he said.

To pay tribute to her, but also to collect donations that will make it possible to acquire motorized recliners for the hemato-oncology unit at Trois-Rivières hospital, Brigittoise will participate in the Chênes-toi race.

“Patrick has given me so much during his life that I want to take it back and make it known. I also need to cling to something since I feel like I’m in front of nothing,” revealed the hopeful of raising $ 15,000.

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To help him deal with the 42.2 kilometers of asphalt that awaits him, he runs four times a week with discipline. “I realize I’m proud of myself when I finish a workout,” she shares. It would heal me morally, but it would be hard. Patrick’s illness made me realize a lot of things. His great love for me is still a source of strength today because I know he wants, most of all, to see me go on and be happy. So running with love is a way to give weight to all the power of love. At the very end of life, believe me, that’s what he means the most and you’ll remember.

The Course des Chênes-toi will take place on May 22. The start of the marathon is scheduled for 7 p.m. Marie-Elen Dubé will dedicate each kilometer to one of her fundraising campaign donors.

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