Love, Death & Robots, Dune… 6 new movies and series to watch streaming this week

Every week, streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Canal+ and Amazon Prime Video add more movies and series to their catalogs. CNET France is here to advise you on the best programs in this wide range of options. Here is our selection of best new SVoD streaming on week of May 16 2022.

This week, CNET France recommended the series Love, Death and Robots, To the stars and vampire in the garden as well as movies Dunes, Tic & Tac Rangers at Risk and Si Miss.

Vampire in the Garden (Netflix)

Once upon a time there was a world where vampires and humans alike lived in “Paradise”. The story takes us to the daily life of a girl named Momo who travels in search of “Paradise” with Fine, the vampire queen. In this divided world of the future, Momo wants to play the violin and Fine wants to discover the world.

This anime is from Wit studios (The attack on the Titans) offers a universe full of action, blood and magic, in a poetic and gentle heroic fantasy atmosphere that we appreciate CNET France. The animation is smooth, and the battle between humans and vampires promises its share of twists and drama. The series has a priori 5 episodes. Released May 16.

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Miss (Amazon Prime Video)

Korea. 1930s, period of Japanese colonization. A young woman (Sookee) is hired as a servant to a wealthy Japanese woman (Hideko), who lives as a recluse in a large mansion under the granddaughter of an oppressive uncle. But Sookee has a secret. With the help of a con artist pretending to be a Japanese count, they have other plans for Hideko…

Directed by Park Chan-wook (old man, revenge on the woman), Si Miss a uniquely intimate drama, about the story of forbidden love and about the sulfurous bourgeois thriller. The Korean filmmaker masterfully handles his plot full of twists and turns and knows how to excel in his story through scenes that are unique in their poetry and beauty. Released May 16.

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Dune (Canal+)

In the distant future, Duke Leto Atreides received from the Emperor the fort of the dangerous deserted planet Arrakis. Known as “Dune”, it is the only known source of the most precious ingredient in the universe: “Spice”. Leto and his family – his wife Jessica, and his son Paul – therefore landed in Arrakis to control the capture of Spice. However, between the natives of Fremen, the giant sandworms and the jealousy of the opposite House of Harkonnens, the dangers are many. As the threats become clearer, the fate of the Atreides seems to be more than ever placed on the shoulders of the young and mysterious Paul.

Dunes a huge success and was able to do justice to the richness of Frank Herbert’s original novel. The film has many properties up its sleeve, whether it’s fair and engaging writing, the cast of characters, or the perfect cast (Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac …). The Dune is a truly breathtaking sight, and a sensory experience to be experienced on the largest screen possible. Release May 20 on Canal+ and the myCanal platform.

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To the Stars (Amazon Prime Video)

Irene and Franklin York, a retired couple, have a secret: A Capsule, buried under their garden, is headed in a miraculous way to another planet, strange and desolate.

According toOutside Range, To the stars (night sky in VO) mixes science fiction and folklore NATION. Between the intimate story of a couple and their intergalactic universe, the series promises an adventure as existential as it is exotic. The icing on the cake, Sissy Spacek and JK Simons formed a duo of main characters we’re not used to seeing, and we already want to fall in love. Released May 20.

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Love, Death and Robots – season 3 (Netflix)

Terrifying creatures, nasty surprises and dark comedy meet this third season in this adult animated anthology presented by Tim Miller (Dead Pool) and David Fincher (SEVEN, away club).

Great public and critical success of the streaming platform, Love, Death and Robots is back for 9 new episodes, for lots of bold and exciting narratives and visual suggestions. Particularity of this 3rd season: an episode directed by David Fincher in person. One of CNET France’s favorite programs. Released May 20.

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Tic et Tac: Rangers of Risk (Disney+)

Two chipmunks team up to solve crimes as detectives in their agency, Rescue Rangers, with their friends. Known for getting under the mysteries that are considered too little for the police, their main client is often with animals. Years after the end of the television series of the same name, Chip and Dale meet again to save a friend from video piracy in this film.

Directed by Akiva Schafer (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), this reboot of the cult series from the late 80s promises a film that is well-balanced and full of stars. With Andy Samberg and John Mulaney as the voices of Tic and Tac in the original version, the film promises a second degree and a more mature and destructive humor than its model. Released May 20.

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