Is your cat or dog too big? A few tips to help him get back in shape

A dog that is very large is not a healthy dog. A dog that will stay with you for a little while. And so it is with a cat. So if the animal like your life is overweight, don’t wait. There are ways to help him get back in shape without major difficulties or shortcomings.

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We eat too much or too badly. And we didn’t spend enough. So are our animals. More and more of our cats and dogs are available overweight. Understand that their weight exceeds their ideal weight by 5 to 10%. According to studies, between 40 and 60% of our pets are affected. We have more and more domesticated animals even considered fat. With weight exceeding their ideal weight by at least 20%.

This is a problem because obesity can affect health of our dogs and our cats. Pains combined problems SKINcardiovascular or respiratory diseases, diabetes. In general, thelife expectancy in a fat cat or dog decreased by two years. So it’s important for those like their lives to realize this – because polls show that only 10% of French people are aware of a weight problem in the animal that lives with them – and to implement measures to avoid being overweight or, if it already is. installed, to resolve it.

Watch your cat or dog’s diet

Among the causes of overweight in our pets, there is first of all overfeeding. How can you resist the sight of your dog begging you to drop a piece of cheese? Or the meowing of your cat asking for his share of sausage? However, it is important.

To avoid animal weight problems like your life, the first thing to do is feed it in the right amount. from good quality croquettes, nothing like that. If, of course, you respect the prescribed features.

Certain foods can add to your dog’s ration, especially. Green beans, for example. They are poor in calories. And thus they allow without much risk of creating a feeling of satiety. Especially if your dog is likely to be overweight, like Labradors. Green beans – as long as they stay well -cooked – can even be used as a low -calorie food. Ditto for zucchini or cucumber that, in addition, has the gift of hydrating cats and dogs withoutWIND.

Keep your dog or cat moving

Another cause of weight gain in cats and dogs is lack of activity physically. So don’t let bad weather be your excuse. For a dog, finding a piece of zucchini hidden in the living room is already a chance to burn calories. And for a cat, there are endless toys that can help motivate it to move. While lowering his stress – another reasonobesity.

At meal time – especially with your dog – you can scatter kibble in the kitchen. Or use the so -called “maze” bowl. Enough to give him exercise. And prevent him, as a bonus, from eating like a repeat. For better satiety effect.

For your cat, don’t hesitate to hide the kibble in tall or in a plastic cup. plastic reusable. Whether under a quick lift on the carpet or in a narrow passage. By having fun finding them, he felt like he was eating more. And he would satisfy his hunting instinct.

The best, of course, is to give your pet access to the outside. Your cat needs to leave to exercise on his own. Your dog will need you more. For some ball throwing or a short walk around the neighborhood. At least once a day. For a duration to depend on age and his physical abilities, of course. With benefit collaterala more relaxed homecoming animal.

Get advice from your veterinarian

In addition to these two factors that you are easily affected by, others may need advice on a veterinarian to help your pet maintain – or regain – its healthy weight.

the sterilization or castration, for example, is likely to lower the demand for strength of an animal. This is why there are specially dosed kibbles for sterilized or sterilized cats or dogs. They are often enriched with fiber to encourage a feeling of satiety.

With age, your pet may become less active, may also gain a little weight. Here too, choose an appropriate diet. A so -called “senior” diet, not very rich in energy. Your veterinarian can advise on this.

Finally, certain diseases can cause obesity. Like us, a distraction thyroid, for example. Or even theosteoarthritis limiting the physical activity of the animal. In these cases, your veterinarian should be able to provide you with solutions that are specifically tailored to the case of your cat or your dog.

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