Football/Ligue 2. From the Epinals to Ajaccio, Arnaud Pierre lived in 24 hours of madness to see his favorite club move up to Ligue 1

“We spent less than 24 hours in Ajaccio, but we left with great memories. The heart has factors that are ignored by the cause, says Blaise Pascal. Arnaud Pierre, a good supporter of AC Ajaccio from Epinal, would not say the opposite. Because of the love of his club, the forty spent a few hours on the Isle of Beauty; just enough time to see his protégés win a ticket for Ligue 1, after their win against Toulouse (1-0). “With my partner, Valérie, also a supporter of the club, we told ourselves that winning the 98 World Cup was nothing short of this,” even Vosges smiles.

“The club manager forced us to go”

But then, a question arose: how could a Spinalien, who had just left his Vosges during his studies, fall in love with a club that played more than 700 kilometers away? “I spent my first vacation in Corsica in 2017, and I fell in love. Back in the Vosges, I have memories of AC Ajaccio, when Memo Ochoa was the goalkeeper of the club (in his youth, Arnaud was goalkeeper of SA Spinalien), and I said to myself: “Well, if I watch the next club game.” And in fact, I watch one game, then another … And more I was happier watching Ajaccio than OM, the club of my childhood… Since this time, I don’t think I have missed a game! »

For some time, Arnaud was forced to live his love from a distance, behind his screen: “My first Ajaccio game, I wanted to experience it at the Ajaccio stadium. But in the midst of the bad calendars and COVID, I have to wait until September 2021, and a game against Sochaux, to get there, ”he shouted. Since then, Spinalien has taken another step, sharing several trips to Nancy, Dijon, Valenciennes and even Grenoble. ”I’ve seen seven ACA games this year, and I haven’t seen a single loss! With my boyfriend, the club manager forced us to go for the match against Toulouse ”, laughed the supporter.

And while losing this game is clearly not an option for the couple, the case isn’t so simple. “Before the game in Grenoble, on Saturday May 7, we saw that the Basel-Mulhouse planes to Ajaccio were full. And finally, when we returned on Sunday, we saw that there were places left for one. flights that left on Saturday at 1:35 pm (less than 6 hours before the start, editor’s note) ”, he explained. But even when the security check is done, everyone can fail: “When boarding, we learned that 35 people could not board the plane. Before that, we felt sorry for the futsal players at Neuhof, who also fought in Ajaccio. And they promised us we could be with them, it was so much better. ”

When Corsica rallied, Arnaud and his teammates rushed to join the fan-zone of the François-Coty stadium, to join the people they had met throughout the season in French stadiums. Among them, Loïc, an unconditional ACA supporter who participated in all the trips … And who filmed most of them for his YouTube channel: “It’s in most of his inspiring videos me to travel elsewhere ”Arnaud said.

Projects full of heads

A few hours later, it was in the stands that the show was going on: “In atmospheric terms, it has nothing to do with past games … Enthusiasm, enthusiasm is crazy this season”. But the rise was conditional on a win, Arnaud also bit his nails for a long time, before rejoicing. “At the last whistle, I ran to the lawn to see the players. I saw Jean-Philippe Krasso, who couldn’t believe I was from Epinal for this match,” he recalled. Another great moment experienced by the Vosges , the association with Toulouse supporters, is also guaranteed to see their team in Ligue 1 next season: “A beautiful image of football”.

Back on the continent on Sunday, after participating in the feast until 2 a.m., the couple had already begun to prepare for the future: “I immediately made a list of the trips I wanted to make; Lens, Lille, Troyes, Reims, Strasbourg “, he listed.” And then I don’t want to miss the two Marseilles – Ajaccio “, assured one who grew up with the exploits of the Phocaeans.

In the future, Arnaud Pierre also intends to “continue typing PEL to buy jerseys” and “join I Sanguinari, the group of supporters from the continent”. Beautiful projects in view before, perhaps, a move to Beauty Island in the coming years: “If it happens one day, I’ll look for accommodation and then I’ll go get a subscription “, mikatawa.

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