Anne-Sophie Lapix: her very special close relationship with a Blues star is finally revealed

Anne-Sophie Lapix, the (a) enthusiastic reporter

A few days before the debate between the two rounds took place, we learned that Anne-Sophie Lapix was not chosen to lead it because the two running candidates simultaneously refused to have her attend. This is the information that surrounds it networks social. Internet users lamented and wondered: why would Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron have the possibility of banning a journalist from hosting a debate as important as the one that would take place between the two election rounds? On the one hand or another, the reporter is not welcome. So in the end Léa Salamé took the lead in this debate..

Some behind-the-scenes drops have found their way onto the internet. In the cartoon, the journalist is considered extremely critical. He was criticized, after all, for doing his job. It has to be said that Marine Le Pen is like Emmanuel Macron before interview by Anne-Sophie Lapix. And the least we can say is that the one who presents the newspaper in France 2 will not go along, and ask the right questions, those that are destructive, those that sometimes put politicians in the face of their contradictions. This likely explains why he did not participate in the debate.

The unique competition between two friends

The stars were born in the same place: Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Their little fight on social networks began when the reporter decided to publish a snapshot of the Basque Country sunset with the hashtag #sunsettchallenge. With a lot of laughs, the former player criticized his talents as a photographer. It was enough to launch battles.

Since that day, they haven’t stopped posting great photos, trying to get the best possible. Last December, Anne-Sophie Lapix published two sunsets. “Bixente, did you sleep ?! he asked mockingly at his friend. A few days later, on April 11, he came back strong: “The boss of the Basque sunset is back … Hello to my apprentice photographer Anne-Sophie Lapix”. To which the journalist replied “Ah, wait a bit”.

We hope that former football player Anne-Sophie Lapix is ​​less intimidating to her than the politicians who have crossed her path. But we rely on him and his repartee to respond to him every time.

Anne-Sophie Lapix compares Bixente Lizarazu to… a donkey

Last summer, the former player took advantage of a well-deserved vacation and didn’t hesitate to share lots of photos on the web. And before their competition started around sunset, the two friends didn’t hesitate to cooperate with each other. Sometimes even the football player holds the stick to be beaten. In any case, this is what he did by sharing a photo where we discovered a donkey, an animal he had crossed on his way. Following the second stage, the Téléfoot reporter wrote the following words: “ At a glance, I knew he was and I think he was too“.

Apparently there would no longer be a need for Anne-Sophie Lapix to decide to respond. ” A little wind“, he wrote. A classic response, but very effective. It shows netizens how close the two celebrities are to each other, and these funny little pokes posted online are a attention for those who want to follow them.However, Anne-Sophie Lapix remains much slower with her friend than, for example, Xavier Bertrand.

The series became buzz a few months ago when the latter went on set in France 2. “Are you serious that if I’m not in a good position right now, I’m in front of you to present my project to you? » he said with real certainty. Not enough to disturb Anne-Sophie Lapix who responded quickly ” finally, for now, you are not in the second round of voting… ”. The exchange of views took place, with the added bonus of a smile from the journalist symbolizing that his small sentence had hit the mark. No mercy you say?

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