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Eric Dadian’s forum, AFRC President: “Customer Relations jobs become important!», Which accompanied the release of an unprecedented study of HR on the Future of Customer Experience Work.

AFRC - Customer Relationship jobs have become important

On April 12, the AFRC brought together more than a hundred professionals as part of its work on the Evolution of Work to Customer Experience to better understand and better understand the challenges of the future. This work enriches and concludes several weeks of research to lead this study conducted by the company: The Boson Project.


Customer Relationship jobs have become important!

What we have just experienced over the past two years has sharpened our conscience by making us realize what is needed, what is less and the importance of men and women performing actions on a daily basis, important tasks. in our lives. On the front line of course, the care staff, the goods and service manufacturing businesses, the logistics businesses, the cashiers, the cleaners and also and above all our Customer businesses Relationships that have become important, telephone consultants, community managers, supervisors, … ensuring, through the transition to teleworking, a continuation of the service of placing orders, processing of shipping requests, technical help, caring for the weakest people, in fact allowing us to continue to feed us, to dress. us, to warm us up, to study, to meet all our basic needs of daily life.
No one applauded them, no one noticed the work done in the shadows, always in complicated circumstances, had to re-learn the work from afar with an angry local management, forced to adapting training and managing advisor skill development using new digital tools. to learn. And yet, teleconsultants have enabled the French economy to continue to operate, they continue to service the French who have changed drastically since the COVID crisis and are no longer easily dictated by their behavior. Any act of consumption must henceforth be part of the customer’s life, of his story, as a natural act, least respectful on the planet, most beneficial for him and his environment.
And the challenge for brands, through the voice of telephone consultants, is to consider this customer as an individual within his ecosystem, his community, with his tastes, his values, his values. faith. This client becomes a medium; he creates messages, conversations on social networks all the time and every day, allowing him to now “play” in equal terms with brands. Surely this breakup was exacerbated by the many smartphone crashes in 2007 but also by the acceleration of digital in 2020. Symbol of a world that then tilted horizontality, and this “digital” that changed everything, reversed everything. . . But this digital revolution would not have happened without a key element: the trust for the brand passed on by the mediator to teleconsultants. Customers, these individuals, citizens, patients, commit to a brand and give their trust, for its values, ethics, morality, transparency, simplicity, integrity, thrift, courtesy,… and in the same way employees commit to a company or an administration for the same amount.
Telephone agents may not have been applauded during the Covid crisis and yet they have become the most strategic collaborators for the company. They know this because they told us about a new study ‘The Future of Work’ by the AFRC-with The Bosons.

AFRC and The Bosons Present Findings from the Future of Employment in the Customer Experience Study

In the AFRC -The Bosons “Future of Work” study, telemarketers told us that they know they play a useful, strategic role and 80% consider that they protect brand image and brand influencers. They know the importance of respect, empathy, respect, and consideration that a customer brand must bring through their voice. In the global context of business change, the advancement of new technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI), has also changed the scope of customer service missions and reinforced the importance. role of telephone counselors. Automating tasks allows teams to focus on higher value, more interesting actions that require more closeness and emotion. As problems tend to solve themselves through AI, the rest is more complex in nature. Therefore, customer service missions and organizations have to go through a profound transformation that has been accelerated in the last two years of the pandemic. At this AFRC – Bosons study of “Future at work” we also hold the three keys to having teams committed to company and customer service: – Cohesion and collective strength (50% of employees are driven by autonomy, 48% by group spirit,)

-Learning and desire to grow (52% of employees want to acquire new skills)

-The useful, strategic role of consultants considering that they are protecting the brand image and brand influencers Instead, and faced with the difficulty of work, they need recognition from the company and customers and let us know the priorities and challenges of the customer relations professions tomorrow:

1- Keep up the pace of change in customer expectations

2- Be an ambassador of company commitments

3- Digitize the profession without dehumanizing it

4- Recruitment and retention of talent

The AFRC with its 300 member companies, has been on the defense for several decades of the emergence of a discipline and these new professions are made by men and women of high emotional quality. , endowed with empathy, the ability to synthesize, to listen, consideration. This discipline, in this changing world, has become a mentality, a new corporate culture, a new way of life for customers. This discipline is Customer Experience, brand value. So companies should no longer concern themselves only with investing in the product design and marketing it, which is the vision of the old world, but to explain to their consumers and their partners their contract experience and consideration given to both.
So let’s applaud Customer Relations call center agents too!

Eric Dadian, President of the AFRC

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The French Association of Customer Relations (AFRC), created in 1998, is a community of professionals who have worked for more than 25 years to transform the company through Customer Experience and Employee Engagement. With 3,500 members and 290 companies from 23 activity sectors, the AFRC is a laboratory of forward -looking ideas and a space for exchange between professionals. Among its missions: to contribute to the transformation of companies, to feed the reflection of Directions, to create new innovation for companies.

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