the yawyaw of MDPH!

The return of disabled students to the lungs … Too many disparities, internal system not moving enough, a traffic jam of files … MDPH is clenching their fists on the table to face National Education with its responsibilities!

Education of children with disabilities, a complicated path? Often, it is the families who put their fists on the table. Often, families are the ones who criticize excessive practices. If not customary, the MDPH (department houses for the disabled) takes care of it. In full preparation for the start of the 2022/2023 school year, the association of MDPH directors (ADMDPH) is growing angry.

National Education facing its responsibilities

In an open letter in May 2022 he intended to put National Education ahead of its responsibilities, in a monetary way, without turning. She was crying ” the lack of responses to decisions to be made and the means necessary for successful return to school for children with disabilities “. A problem related to transfer of responsibilities between colleagues “WHO” endangering the schooling of some “and left the teams of” bitter taste “. Why do we go through the MDPH to ensure the educational effectiveness of these children which is above all the responsibility of National Education? There are real systems to be activated internally, for example the Individualized Welcome Project (PAI), the Personalized Support Plan ( PAP) and the Personalized Educational Success Program (PPRE), which makes it possible to set up some arrangements but it is not possible. sufficiently mobilized “. Because it represents the only way to get an AESH (with students with disabilities) but above all tailored teaching materials, parents are rushing to PPS (Personalized Schooling Project), bottling to MDPH and evaluate their services. sufficient expectations “.

Bottling requests

ADMDPH is actually observing a steady increase in requests, and therefore allocations, for human assistance even when AESH is lost, and it is sometimes criticized for it. But if such decisions are made, the File elements are consistent and legitimate », Defended the association. For him, the problem is from elsewhere … National Education, responsible for implementing the decisions of the Commissions on the Rights and Autonomy of Persons with Disabilities (CDAPH), seems to have a problem “, he observes. It is also the lack of access that is addressed, that of school buildings, educational institutions, equipment, which require the use of AESH” so as not to slow down or hinder schooling “. MDPHs insist on the fact that this accessibility is in fact” from school and need a way “.” MDPH evaluation teams are asked to assume, by default, a role of the regulator of requests because the entire system is not adapted. “, protested the association, citing” no breathless groups or families give their all “. He also mentioned the lack of National Education staff available at MDPH, lack of adequate training, and a compensation system for reference MDPH teachers.” very opaque and uneven “.

Serial claims …

And also to criticize the inclusive local support poles (Pial) that were launched two years ago, ” Fluency is allegedly allowed in the allocation of human aid “but who” not possibleit “. This is also the state of AESH that is in the hearts of critics, insufficient training and compensation, who” encourages resorting to associations that create, in some cases, an adequate out-of-pocket payment for families “. Another hurdle: Ulis-oriented students (local units for inclusive education) who benefit from sometimes multiple hours of inclusion where shared AESH cannot respond alone; the association therefore calls for in ” review, strengthen and harmonize calibration and organization these units. He added that “ AESH and educators always have a responsibility for the effectiveness of inclusive education ”. Gold, ” this goal cannot be relied upon solely by these personnel “. Finally, the association laments the lack of guidance.” alternatives “waiting for” target orientation (i.e. the first choice) is offered to families.

An emergency meeting!

In the end, this collective yawyaw seeks to criticize the fact that there is “ about many departments such as cooperation configurations “. So the MDPHs ask” national approval of practices and simplification of the regulatory framework “, convicted” criteria for organizing the start of the school year and finding solutions for children without its ”. Sa ” emergency », They called for a good consultation uniting MDPH, families, associations, National Education, the CNSA (National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy), the DGESCO (General Directorate of School Education) and the relevant ministries . ” The success of the next school year depends on it “, He warned.

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