the message of his ex Justine that many said…

Vincent is a handsome brunette who participates in the adventure of Love is in the pasture Last year. Alas, he failed to find his soul mate through the show. However, he was tired of choosing. In fact, he received many letters, many women traveled to facilitate dating and he ended up inviting Afsa and Natacha. The farmer chooses the latter, but after a night in his universe, he prefers to end their relationship.

Against all expectations, he quickly returned to the saddle because he did not come alone on the balance sheet of Love is in the pasture opposite Karine Le Marchand, but with a beautiful brunette Justine. We believe the couple is living happily ever after, but Vincent recently announced that they are no longer together on his account. Instagram. The former candidate Love is in the pasture published some touching words about their separation. What is Justine?

Vincent (Love is in the meadow): Did he betray Justine?

Here’s what Vincent wrote about season 16 of Love is in the pasture to announce his separation: Unfortunately, I have to announce this sad news because I have received so many messages about our relationship with Justine. Now, life has decided that our paths will part. We are not angry and I hope to return to such good times one day. I believe in life and I hope the days are happier“. Provencal seems to explain that they are staying on good terms, but Justine did not post the same kind of message on her account. instagram. In fact, for her part, her words are different from those of the farmer … The beautiful brunette awakens “ false “ug” transferred photos »… Something is wrong!

The world of appearances

The former participant’s partner Love is in the pasture post this message on the web: In this world that has become so virtual, where our lives shamelessly spread, everyone gives their opinion, their point of view, their truth far from the truth, their uplifting criticism, their judgment. by what he saw. network, heard in the media, or understood through information kindly provided to us. That is why some will think that anger, the spirit of revenge speaks to alleviate suffering but the truth is rarely revealed, much worse to reveal.“. We can never see where he came from …

A betrayal on the part of the former candidate Love is in the pasture ?

He continues his explanation and the subject of the revelations: “ Exchanging inappropriate messages and photos, lying, biased or molded feelings, pretending to be good or nice has become an unconditional process. Everything becomes easy and superficial by forgetting that behind these screens there are real people.“, continued the pretty brunette glowing on the balance sheet Love is in the pasture. At the end of his message, he said a little about his separation from the handsome farmer. Can he give an explanation of the reason for their breakup?

Any separation is hard to live with, but its exposure and thirst for fame sometimes make these things disrespectful despite the pretensions. Nowadays, we know our separation through simple messages, by deleting photos from networks, and the violence of disrespect occurs, the image used for many views, for many followers, and it’s all for ego purposes. . But the main thing is to know the real truth, one that can never be revealed because the main thing is to pretend to be beautiful people. The backstage of the show provided anyone who wanted to watch it and believe it was less beautiful than reality distorted by a lack of courage, respect and frankness.“, Concluded the former farmer’s partner Love is in the pasture.

Isn’t Vincent’s behavior appropriate?

Justine showed modesty and elegance without overloading Vincent. However, if we read between the lines, we will think that he is never legit. Was he wrong to achieve success on social networks? For information, the pretty brown has already deleted her separation message from her account instagram. Case to follow!

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