The journey of Véronique Blondeau, franchisee of La Vie Claire Saint Amour

In a file dedicated to conversion to a franchise*, LSA magazine describes 10 entrepreneurs who chose to change their lives by creating their franchise business. Among them, Veronique Blondeau left his job as a truck driver to open a store La Vie Claire in Saint-Amour (Jura). Know his journey.


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From truck drivers to organic traders

From the family of truck drivers, Veronique Blondeau acquired BTS transport logistics in 1999. He rightly began his professional life in this field by opening his own road transport company with his partner, Ernest Aeschbacher, himself a truck driver. In almost 15 years, the couple would have thus developed this company before it was even considered again to open a store specializing in organic products.

Véronique Blondeau relativizes the fear that such a severe life changes. Starting a new adventure can even save a life. “Driving a € 130,000 truck full of luxury items with the risk of it being rolled over or stolen is even more stressful”, he relied on LSA. It was also a robbery, one that was too much, pushing the couple to start it conversion project in 2017.

To make this project, they decided to look atfranchise entrepreneurship which, thanks to a proven concept and the support of a network, allows you to get started quickly and calmly. In search of a concept that met their expectations, they directed their research to organic food brands. Their own organic consumersthey really regretted the lack of supply in the Saint-Amour sector. “I love organic food, nutrition and dietetics”, said Véronique Blondeau. Ernest Aeschbacher, for his part, comes from a family of cheese traders and is sensitive to the quality of products, their composition, origin, and so on.

Choosing the La Vie Claire franchise

Then they focused their sights on La Vie Claire franchise to open their store of organic food, hygiene and maintenance products in Saint-Amour. Their profile and their experience as business leaders appeal to the brand, which has not yet been represented in this sector. They will be immediately supported by the network team to complete their project, build and fit their 280 m² store at ZAC La Maladière, at the northern entrance of Saint Amour.

the initial training, provided by La Vie Claire to each new franchisee, completes this business creation process. After a two -week immersion in a La Vie Claire store, added another two weeks of head office training and a nutrition trainingthe two merchants are fully operational to open their stores in June 2018.

Upon its opening, the La Vie Claire store in Saint-Amour met a rapid success, confirmed to the couple the importance of this life change. Despite this successful conversion, the couple has no plans to further grow their business by opening a second point of sale that will involve working separately.

If, like Véronique Blondeau and Ernest Aeschbacher, you are planning to open an organic store, find out in detail the La Vie Claire concept and the network support offered in the La Vie Claire franchise presentation sheet ⇩

*Read the file “They started the franchise adventure” on the LSA website

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