Nintendo: What’s the hardest Mario game?

Game News Nintendo: What’s the hardest Mario game?

If today Mario’s adventures have the image of games available to all spectators, it doesn’t always happen, especially at the start of the career of the famous mustachioed Italian plumber. To prove it to you, the editorial staff of the JV therefore invites you to return to Mario’s most difficult title, but to also expand the question to other less-cited products.


  • Lost Levels, the game is very difficult for the West
  • Tough Mario games, more than you think?

Now, it’s clear that the games in the Mario series are seen as fast -paced adventures that seek to reach the widest possible audience. As proof, we can mention the assisted mode in Super Mario Odyssey or the White Tanuki costume in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury which is available so everyone can enjoy the game without too much difficulty. However, this does not mean that the mustachioed Italian plumber has only the right to walk in health, on the contrary, because these first titles are not accessible to everyone., especially one that is now widely accepted as THE hardest Mario game: Super Mario Bros. : The Lost levels.

Lost Levels, the game is very difficult for the West

To fully understand why The Lost Levels is so difficult, we must first go back to the context of time. When Super Mario Bros. released in 1985, it was a huge success as the title reached 40 million copies sold worldwide. However, despite this popular success, we must not be mistaken, the first game in the Super Mario series is far from a quick experience, especially with the limited number of lives which quickly brings the player to Game Over. Basically, you have to succeed in eight sometimes complicated worlds with intense stages, while the green mushrooms, the famous 1UP, turn out to be unique.

Nintendo: What’s the hardest Mario game?

Despite this apparent difficulty in the first Mario, it didn’t stop Nintendo from raising the level a notch in the next episode. First of all, if we now call it The Lost Levels, the title was first under the name of Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan in 1986, but was renamed Super Mario Bros .: The Lost Levels when it was released in 1993 on the Super Mario All-Stars compilation on the Super NES. Visually, this second opus is very similar to Super Mario Bros. with only a few minor graphic improvements. But with the controller in hand, this is where things get complicated. Very fast, we understand that we have to deal with a much more brutal and punitive-level plot than ever before, with real passages of dying and trying again. because it is impossible to avoid some pitfalls without knowing them in advance. For example, the game is full of invisible blocks that Mario will collide with while jumping, causing him to fall into a hole and thus lose a life. On the contrary, sometimes you have to jump over these invisible blocks, which require a lot of precision that isn’t always obvious.

Nintendo: What’s the hardest Mario game?

Among the elements that produce more than one anger, we can also mention the famous poisonous mushrooms that can harm Mario if he touches them, something we hardly find in the series anymore. To make matters worse, those who have already played the title will surely remember the wind that kept our plumber from fully moving, even in full jump, often leading to death. Final proof of the sadism of this game, the latter also includes warp zones, like the first episode, but … which brings back worlds that have traveled before and therefore sends the player back.

The Lost Levels of Super Mario All-Stars Compilation

Nintendo: What’s the hardest Mario game?

If you’re familiar with the history of the video game, you definitely know the story around the release of the West in The Lost Levels and why it doesn’t match Super Mario Bros. 2 that we were at home. But for those who haven’t heard of it, a little reminder of the facts. Faced with the difficulty of the title, Nintendo made the decision not to release the game to other parts of the world, especially in North America and the West, because the experience was considered too difficult for Western viewers., which could have a negative impact on the franchise’s image. However, the decision was made to use a game called Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic and replace the characters, enemies, and other details with elements from the Mario universe, resulting in Super Mario Bros. 2 that we know at home.

Tough Mario games, more than you think?

Nintendo: What’s the hardest Mario game?

If The Lost Levels qualifies most players as the most difficult Mario game, we can even expand the question to mention other difficult titles. Very recently, we can consider Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker 2 to be the hardest in the series. If the campaign in the second period is much easier to figure out the basics, many of the levels played by the players are more noticeable. If we see the completion rate of some internships being less than 1%, we are clearly facing almost impossible internships. With this kind of level, we get to see the spirit of Kaizo Mario, a series of Super Mario World hacks that have made a solid reputation on the internet for their stupidity and aberrant difficulty.

Nintendo: What’s the hardest Mario game?

To complete this brief overview of difficult 2D Mario games, we can mention a specific case. If the first titles in the series have to be harder than the latest, the New Super Luigi U is an exception to the rule. Kind of stand-alone from the New Super Mario Bros. U, the title offers a way to have a much shorter, but more tricky level, that the player must cross at full speed in less than 100 seconds. As its name suggests, we control Luigi with a different gameplay from Mario, with jumps that are much higher, but also more floating and less precise, which sometimes complicates the task.

Nintendo: What’s the hardest Mario game?

Go, as a bonus, we can also mention the game Mario 3D which is considered the most difficult by most players: Super Mario Sunshine. In addition to a particularly divisive stage, it’s also a title with unique gameplay mechanics due to Mario’s jetpack/water pump, the famous JET, and all the moves to which it gives access. Almost twenty years after its release, it is likely that some levels are still marked by most players, such as Pachinko. In fact, where Sunshine is hard, it’s especially important to get 100% of it because the blue and red pieces in many stages require a lot of skill that not everyone can reach. Like what, Mario’s name isn’t always the same in speed.

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