Kharl contacts Amélie using a cell and spoils the biggest twist of the love island season

Fans of the island of love, reality show, justice or the tea in general, you are not ready for everything to follow. Three of us rewrote this text because it was too complicated, so hang in there.

In case you didn’t know, a scandal is rocking the reality TV world right now. That at the cell-gate of the island of love.

All the details of the saga are here:

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In the previous article, we mentioned that Kharl was one of those who violated the island’s rules through the internet. With Mathieu and Jacob, but will return later to these two other men.

The footballer reportedly created a secret Instagram account and spoke to Amélie, the Islander he was in a relationship with before he was evicted from the house by a public vote early in the season.

Be careful, some will surprise you, but it’s complicated. Let’s go back, hang out there.

Amélie has been in the Dominican Republic since Monday and is about to return to the villa for the BIGGEST TWIST of the season.

Since the main purpose of the show was to form couples, the production proved to us that they wanted to give Kharl and Amélie a second chance at love, which quickly stopped.

As we were told in the production, Amélie told Kharl that she was about to return to the villa. He also revealed to the production that he regretted doing it.

Apparently Amélie’s return was canceled when the production learned of this information.

What Kharl said

For his part, Kharl, who is still in the villa, is unaware that the production was talking to Amélie … and he swears to the production that he is unaware of his girlfriend’s return project.

So we know Kharl lied in production. Whether he will be honest with the other islanders remains to be seen. Keep in mind that participants must determine during a special council what will happen to the three islanders who do not follow the rules of the game.

Will he tell them that he talked to Amélie and knew he had to wait for her? Or will he remain that he “only” talks to his family like Jacob and Mathieu?

And what does Mathieu know?

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Recall that Mathieu vigorously campaigned, along with his girlfriend Amanda, for Kharl, his good friend, to stay on the adventure at Samuel’s expense, canceled this week. We already know that Mathieu and Kharl have access to the Internet. Did Mathieu know that Kharl was expecting Amélie? Is that why he wants his good girlfriend to stay at the villa? Is this to prevent Kharl from going out and having sex with her?


What should happen to Kharl?

He had to be kicked out, he broke the rules

Depends on whether he is loyal to the islanders or not.

He has to stay, it will make good drama until the end

According to you, did Mathieu know that Kharl was waiting for Amélie and so he wanted to protect her?

Of course he knew. He also has internet access.

I can’t believe it. Kharl didn’t confess to the production, why did he tell Mathieu?

Since the women chose to leave Kharl at Samuel’s expense unaware that Kharl had not followed the rules, what should have happened to Samuel?

We can’t do anything yet … Let them decide Kharl’s fate and that’s it

Samuel has to come back and replace Kharl to fix the injustice

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Keep going.

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