Interview. Between Nice and Monaco, a “relationship made of friendship and new projects”

INTERVIEW. The state-of-the-art maritime shuttle between Port Lympia and Monaco, demanded from taxis, long-standing companionship and friendship … After talking to sovereign prince Friday, the mayor of Nice and president of the Métropole NCA Christian Estrosi take stock of Beautiful – Press.

Beautiful – Press. You met Albert II on Friday: how was our relationship in Monaco?

Christian Estrosi: The Prince and I have had a high quality relationship for a long time. We always talk, in a friendly and warm atmosphere, especially in cultural, sport or ecological transition … I share the vision and commitment of the Sovereign Prince of the planet.

With what particular agenda files?

I promise to never disclose the content of our exchanges, unless we decide to have a common communication.

Regarding the files between your respective administrations, where are the transportation-related projects?

On the subject of maritime shuttle, over the years, we have always launched a call for competition. All the markets came back unsuccessfully: for the first time it looked like we had one with 6 potential candidates.

We hope to complete it in two years.

We are working on changes to the road system itself, between the Metropolis and Principality, especially at an interchange of Beausoleil and Cap d’Ail.

What to think of the rumor about the construction of a metro between Nice-Riquier and Monaco?

When it comes to mobility, there is nothing to be dismissed. Naturally, this project should not be marginalized.

We may also consider in the coming years an extension of line 2 of the Nice tramway to the Principality. We are in a state of contemplation.

In a few months, we will open the train station at the airport. For many air visitors, this will provide a short term solution.

What other topics are we making progress on?

There are relations between Nice and Monaco at all levels. The stronger the Principality, the stronger our Metropolis. And equivalent.

Clearly we work together in the field of sports, culture and events.

The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​taking place today. You yourself are the organizer of the Formula 1 Grand Prix de France to be held on July 27. Are you cooperating?

We see that this year 2022, Formula 1 is experiencing real momentum, both in terms of ticket sales and television audience rates. I am sure it will be a success for Monaco.

I will let you know, as President of the Formula 1 French Grand Prix at the Paul-Ricard circuit, that he has seen that all his tickets have been sold out. With nearly 100,000 places, we set a record.

In this regard, I would like to thank the Automobile Club of Monaco and its President Michel Boeri, who, taking their experience, supported us very well in the relaunch of the French Grand Prix.

Since 2020, Nice has an elected representative who manages the partnership with our Monegasque neighbors …

We always made sure there was an elected official working there, now François Daure has a delegation dedicated to it. But deputies were also involved, as in the case of Ecology or Mobility.

The events in which we participated, Nice and Monegasque, are a good illustration of this friendship.

The beautiful taxis filed a strike notice and threatened to block the F1 Grand Prix, to be heard by the Principality on their working conditions. What is your position?

There is concern about Nice taxis and I understand it.

The Principality of Monaco is a sovereign state. In terms of international conventions, on everything that falls under the regulatory domain, decisions are made between the two States.

Local elected officials are not authorized to intervene, but I have appealed the case of Nice taxis to the prefect of Alpes- Maritimes, who is qualified to raise it directly with the Monegasque government.

I know the discussions between them are progressing.

We’ve heard, here and there, that you want to bring Menton and the French Riviera (CARF) to Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis. Really?

There is no desire for hegemony. The perimeter of the Metropolis is relevant, and responds to real economic and social balances. The NCA has shown its full effectiveness, especially during Hurricane Alex.

There is a desire to strengthen our cooperation with CARF, but it is out of the question, now, to move towards an extension of the Metropolis in its direction. It’s not on the agenda, either on one side or the other.

This can be an inspiring topic for no reason. Above all, I don’t want, in the current state of things, to open this file and promote a debate in which others might interfere in a bad way.

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