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The Togolese Association for Family Welfare (ATBF), with the financial support of Amaze Global Impact, launched Friday, May 13, 2022, at the ATBF youth center of excellence in Lomé, a Comprehensive Sex Education (ESC) project for young- on and teenagers. . named “dissemination of videos for the promotion of ESC in Togo”, the Amaze program aims to be a framework for providing accurate information and raising awareness among young people about sexual and reproductive health rights. It is a question of getting this target to make informed choices and to adopt a responsible sexuality..

Today, most teens and adolescents face a variety of events such as early pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), HIV/AIDS, juvenile delinquency, and more. To help young people better face these challenges that threaten their future, the Togolese Association for Family Welfare (ATBF) launched, on Friday in Lomé, its project “ dissemination of videos for the promotion of comprehensive sex education (CSE) in Togo ”. Scheduled for a period of one year, this program has two strategic objectives, namely: to create demand for services through Amaze videos among 500,000 people and to build capacity of 90 trainers to integrate videos of ESC courses in school and out of school. . To do this, the promoters plan to make available on social media and online more than 200 short scripted videos that address topics about youth, good relationships, personal safety, consent, sexual intercourse. assault, abuse, pregnancy and childbirth, STIs, HIV / AIDS, as well as sexual orientation, gender identity. They also intend to conduct knowledge-raising activities and establish a partnership with the ministry governing elementary and secondary education, schools and teachers, for the use of these videos in lessons.

At the launch ceremony, the Regional Director of Education of Greater Lomé, Mr. Agbéko Sabah, showed that the 2014 EDST analysis revealed 17.3% in early pregnancy, including 3,000 in schools, per year, 2.5% prevalence of HIV. The survey also showed that 84% of the needs of teenagers are not being met. Similarly, 401% of maternal and infant mortality was recorded. Faced with these shocking signs, it is urgent to act. Mr. Sabah welcomed this initiative to be in line with the government’s ambitions to curb certain incidents, including school and out-of-school youth and teenage pregnancies. He reiterated the presence of his department to accompany the ATBF, for the full realization of this program which, without a doubt, will affect the youth of Togolese.

The Executive Director of ATBF, Ms. Noélie Koévi-Koudam, for her part, indicated that her organization, which follows a competitive process, was selected to benefit from Global Impact funding for the implementation of this important activity. young people. Through this project, the ATBF has reaffirmed their desire to support government actions in favor of young people and above all to build responsible and fulfilling citizenship. Also, he pointed out that this project is intended as a framework to strengthen, through communication channels, the sharing of relevant information based on scientific bases and to allow the population in general, young people and teenagers in particular have access to the necessary elements for a credible life choice. He expressed his gratitude to the colleagues for their many -part support for the implementation of the planned actions.

Clementine PANASSA

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