Where is the education about COVID-19?

This Saturday marks the end of the mandatory mask in public places such as businesses, restaurants and exhibition halls in Quebec. Face masks are only required in public transportation and health care facilities.

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With the mask off, this is the end of major mandatory health measures against COVID-19 missing. Aside from the travel vaccination passport, almost nothing was left.

It doesn’t matter if you think these prohibitions rule our lives for 26 months!

From travel bans to collection bans, curfews, vaccination passports and the closure of the entire economy, we can say that we have seen everything (including green, yellow and red in the card).

Not many people are overwhelmed by these restrictions and the ever -live debates they challenge.

But while it is acceptable to lift health measures, there are two problems.

The first is that the authorities convinced us that this shelf was the last. “We no longer want population measures,” Health Minister Christian Dubé said in mid -March, amid the sixth wave.

Seriously irresponsible. After six waves, if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. There will likely be a seventh wave waiting for us at the detour next fall. And it’s wise who can predict how the virus has developed into malignancy and infection in the past, and how effective our vaccines will be against it.

Can we protect our hospitals and avoid load shedding without the tools that have served us so far? Impossible to say.

But the government is well aware that telegraphing things more advanced always forces it to practice triple backflip. We star this film at Christmas 2020. Then at Christmas 2021. And let us remember that the end of the mandatory mask that is happening now was announced in advance… before it was postponed.

The other problem with finishing sanitary measures is that there is no substitute for them.

Nothing like: no education and knowledge program to take the place of coercion.

There is no public health campaign that reminds us that even if the mask is no longer mandatory, wearing a mask when coughing or fever is elementary good citizenship.

There is no message that encourages us to take special precautions when we shrug the shoulders of the most vulnerable, such as the elderly or those with compromised immune systems. For them, the removal of sanitary measures makes society even more dangerous.

Nothing reminds us that other than the metro, there are other enclosed areas where the mask is useful to protect yourself and others, including some work areas.

Public health seems to have forgotten that before making recommendations to the government, the essence of its mission is to educate and raise awareness. With the wearing of the mask, we have developed good habits that have benefits not only against the spread of COVID-19, but also many other respiratory diseases. These habits, it’s a shame to lose them all at once.

It is now easy to believe that COVID-19 is over.

Illness can no longer be headlines. The government didn’t talk about it anymore, just happy to turn the page before the election campaign.

On Wednesday, announcing that press briefings would be small, public health director Luc Boileau even thanked journalists for their many questions over several months, as we closed the books and we were all on vacation.

However, on the same day, at least 23 deaths were reported to have occurred the previous day. Thursday, we added 25 to the balance. Friday, 30 more died. Numbers like that, we didn’t even see them at their worst in the first wave, when CHSLDs were on the rise.

Over seven days, the moving average was 21 deaths per day. If suicides, guns and road accidents were all killed at the same rate, we would talk about murder and we would shout for action.

So it’s clear that even if the sixth wave recedes, COVID-19 is still with us. It is good that we remember the virus. And a mask in our back pocket.

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