The glaciers of the Himalayan melted for the ascent of Bouchra Baibanou

Financial News Hebdo: After completing the challenge of 7 summits, you are once again on top of the world, this time climbing the Himalayas, one of the most awesome mountains. What is your secret to longevity and where can you get the strength to meet these challenges?

Bouchra Baibanou: I don’t have a particular secret, but I’m passionate about life. My unconditional love for the mountains has something to do with it. I love mountaineering and its practice. It’s an undeniable motivation. You should know that once in the mountains, I felt born again, I felt such enthusiasm that I was ready to climb the mountains without thinking about the complexity of the route or anything. I stay focused on my goal. I am so proud to be successful in these challenges, the motivation to succeed inspires me all the time. This is what gives me the strength to achieve my dreams and to go all the way to climb very difficult peaks like Mount Annapurna. It took me 15 hours of walking on the last day to get to the top. Each dedication has a particular flavor. Challenges vary and require considerable preparation. My last challenge allowed me to raise the Moroccan flag over the Annapurna summit in the Himalayas, it was too big for me.

FNH: King Mohammed VI praised what you have done with appropriate congratulations. Does this royal recognition inspire you to further achieve other accomplishments?

BB: I received with great feeling and pride the congratulations of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. It’s a great recognition that rewards all the efforts I’ve put in and the work I’ve done relentlessly over all these years. My desire is to always represent my country well, and to raise the Moroccan flag to the highest peaks, in this case Mount Annapurna in the Himalayas. I always shrug my shoulders with danger, that’s part of the challenge. But with this royal dedication, I feel more peaceful and even stronger, motivated by a deep enthusiasm to continue on this challenging path, but also and above all to carry my experience to future generations.utures. Train them… have ideas, we need to take care of them to work on the future of my country.

FNH: How are you preparing to achieve such achievements despite your busy schedule between work and family? Are there times when you break up?

BB: Actually, I have a meticulous schedule with many program disciplines. I work out a lot of physical strength, I do a lot of sport. I train for three hours a day. Despite my busy schedule, I try to find a balance between the sporting field, the professional side and my family. I fulfilled my duties and I kept my commitments. I want to raise an important point, and it has to do with the psychic part. I do a lot of mental work, for the simple reason that once in the mountains, the psychological side is very much focused on supporting pain, fatigue and managing emotions. It is important to work with perseverance and patience. Because once I participate in this challenge, I am alone in the face of my limitations. The mind shapes resistance. I’m not hiding from you that sometimes I tell myself why I go through all this trouble, with all the difficulties involved. But I quickly pulled myself together; all these efforts are also for others. To inspire future generations, our role must also be education. I am convinced that everyone has the power to make their personal contribution to the good of society. Playing a role in my country is very important, it gives me more motivation. Sharing is the very essence of life.

FNH: You’ve written a book titled “My path to the seven summits of the world”, which combines sport, achievement and leadership. What is the purpose?

BB: I left a step before the writing adventure began. The book traces my story and the birth of Bouchra Baibanou, the mountaineer between emotion, negotiation and challenge. There is another part of the book that I call “my wings”, where I highlight my many adventures in this oh very complex field. I have made available to the reader the lessons I have learned as I have climbed the various peaks I have climbed. I hope this book will be a guide, witness to the youth and future generations. This is a book full of inspiration, I want to convey a message of hope and pursue my dreams, even the most wise and foolish. What we lack today is the right motivation, the positive vibes, the belief in ourselves and our abilities. Trials and failures create personality; it is absolutely necessary to escape the negative, it is a poison with harmful effects.

FNH: You are the embodiment of perseverance and self -excellence. How do you make your personal contribution to women and young people to introduce them to this mountain climbing habit? In your view, does the next generation really exist in Morocco?

BB: There is still a long way to go to work in the practice of mountain sports in Morocco. I intend to continue my approach to training and starting, whether at the level of my “Delta evasion” association or the Royal Moroccan Federation of Skiing and Mountain Sports. My desire is to continue to develop the field of climbing for young people. The trend today is that some young people are attracted to mountain sports. The best thing is to train them and guide them well so that they succeed in this 100% discipline of endurance. I have ideas in this direction, and I intend to do it to accomplish this noble mission of learning. My dearest wish is to achieve this at the right time. It is a way for me to participate in the influence of sport in my country and to improve at the same time the situation of Moroccan girls.

FNH: Your passion for mountaineering is limitless. What are your ambitions now?

BB: So far, I enjoy this work in my own way. I had intended to hike and climb other peaks, but now, I had only one thing on my mind: to return to my country and enjoy my family, because I hadn’t had them in a long time. Of course, I have ambitions, and I still want to achieve great things. It’s not because of a lack of motivation, but I need to first rest, think things through to make the right decisions. I have ideas that I have yet to disclose. All I can say is that I’m still on the starting blocks, ready to try the adventure and succeed in new challenges.

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