Benefits: Mothers not only need to take care of themselves, they need someone to take care of them, according to the researcher

  • Paula Adamo Idoeta
  • From BBC News Brazil to London

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How can I take care of myself when I can barely finish everything I do in the day, with so many obligations, having to take care of all the other people?

A common metaphor heard by overweight mothers is that they should, as required by airplane safety rules, wear an oxygen mask before putting it on children.

This expression has always referred to the importance for mothers to take care of themselves, rather than putting children first.

For researcher Suniya Luthar, however, this metaphor has a flaw: what mothers really need is to take care of other people, more than to spend time caring for them, as niya.

“It’s not about taking care of yourself, it’s about taking care of others,” said Luthar, professor emeritus at Teachers College, Columbia University (USA) and an emotional resilience researcher.

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