Anaïs and Pascal, in a relationship for 14 years: “We make love at least four times a day”

Anaïs met Pascal when he was 25 years old. She was then 36. Fourteen years later, the couple is still circling in perfect love. But if their age difference is never a problem in terms of their personalities, their desires and their tastes, sex is starting to take over.

“I like him always”

Anaïs has always loved nature and long hikes. A passion he shared with Pascal and that played an important role when they met: “I always have a hard time finding a partner who is enthusiastic to spend a week in the countryside just to walk, take a photo or enjoy the landscape. When Pascal told me about the hikes he had done, I immediately won. “Pascal admits not thinking about their age difference at the beginning of their relationship:” I have some friends who told me I was lucky but I never understood why.For me, Anaïs is a woman, not a nymphet.And what I like about her is our commonalities now, not the fact that she reminds me of my youth.I never did I feel that I have a relationship with a child. »

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The beginning of their story is enthusiastic: “I always liked her and it was each other. We fall in love anywhere, all the time, even ten minutes. The goal is not always quality but above all to feel one’s body. There is a sense of urgency. I think we were relieved that we met after our share of bad stories. Pascal shares this analysis: “When I met Anaïs, I was relieved. I started telling myself that I wasn’t made to have a relationship, that I would never find anyone who was right for me. With him, everything is simple and very fast. I can say, without lying, that we fell in love at least four times a day in the beginning. When we can have fun, we do. And then silence around the first anniversary of our story. »

“Sometimes there are injuries during sex”

Things have really changed a lot: “We’re slower in our approach. I want to take advantage of him when he’s at his peak and he thinks the same. There’s no question of jumping on each other without being sure we have time. front and be fully available for sex, physical and psychological.Have to make love once every two weeks or more.Pascal says: “My age and my physical shape have become elements that need to be considered. I’m already hard-on like I’m 20, even though I still like him.Sometimes I have blackouts during sex when I’m too tired or even not hard at all in the worst tense times.I haven’t watched it before a doctor for it because I know that is life and we do not suffer from it. We do qualitative rather than quantitative sex and it suits us very well. »

But Pascal regrets: “Of course I wanted to have the sexual capacities of a twenty-year-old. At the time, I didn’t really enjoy it. Sometimes I get depressed and say to myself that I would have loved to meet Anaïs in earlier in my life and then I realized that she would have been young too and that it wouldn’t have stayed that way. We met when we needed to meet. Anaïs knew this development in their story: “We never acted like that. there is no age difference between us. It’s normal to have consequences. We both knew I would see him get older before he saw me get older, which definitely had health problems in front of me. Our desires are not evolving, our bodies are changing. It’s about love, it’s getting older, and it’s okay with me. »

“My next ten years of sex, I want them with her”

Despite the signs of old age starting to be felt, Anaïs is happy with her relationship and content with her sex life with Pascal: “Of course I’m fulfilled! I have a relationship with a man I love and who makes me not like everyone else. We have a good life together. And I love what we built. I love that person, with that age and that life experience. I never thought I would be happier with a guy my age. I was happy for him. Pascal said that he was also fulfilled: “If I am disappointed it is against me, against my body that does not follow my mind. But I also know that it will get worse over the years. I also know. I have in front of me a beautiful woman and who I love and desire like crazy.I know how lucky I am to have her in my life.So I am fulfilled.Because even if I have a breakdown, I can still be given. I make him happy. And that makes me the happiest of men. »

During their next ten years, and the next, Anaïs admits that she has already started researching: “I know that sometimes she wants to be as difficult as she wants me to be but her body won’t follow. Me, I want the sex life to satisfy both of us to the end. So I started reading about intimate sex, watching sex toys. There are so many ways to have fun together and I think let’s look at exploring all of that. Pascal is also positive: “I like that we spend a lot of time giving each other pleasure through our mouths, massaging each other. I love that he penetrates with my fingers, with toys. We are not tired. My next ten years of sex, I want them to be with her, to continue exploring together. We always discovered new things, and we didn’t lose anything, on the contrary. The bond is stronger than ever. »

Anaïs’s fondest memory of sex with Pascal:

“Before her, I only knew very selfish men in bed, so the first time she took the time to do long cunnilingus until orgasm, I was amazed. I remember that at first. I felt guilty for not coming right away but he reassured me and I focused on the sensations. It was perfect and it remained that way. ”

Pascal’s fondest memory of sex with Anaïs:

“At the beginning of our relationship, it was very chaotic. We made love all the time and especially anytime. It just didn’t take a few seconds for me to have a hard time. We jumped on each other 20 minutes before the friends arrived for dinner. When they rang the doorbell, I was broken but very happy, like a child. »

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