Lynda Lemay at the Béziers concert: “Love is stronger than anything. We have to keep living”

The Quebec singer is back on stage after a five -year absence. She will be on stage at Zinga Zanga on Sunday, May 14 at 7 p.m. And has been preparing a “crazy” project of eleven albums in 1,111 days.

You are wanted again in public after five years of disappearance. Why the long silence and how are you?

Sunny and hot, it’s spring. I pick colors before I go to meet you! (The interview took place over the phone, while the singer was still in Quebec, editor’s note) Such a break has never happened to me in my life as an artist, since 1989.

It was a kind of burnout and almost had to rest in the beginning to clear my life and my head. I relax, ask the right questions, live quality times with my two daughters. If you don’t clean things up, it can mirror your thoughts and upset you.

But I was not lazy. And I appreciate this reunion even more. And the inspiration seemed to come, it seemed to flash.

And what gives?

A crazy project of eleven albums of eleven songs each, titled “It’s Eleven Times”. seems like a disproportionate project but I never doubted it would even last. And I gave myself all the freedom necessary to make it happen. We started with eleven albums and eleven themes to start with.

But, since then, we have chosen to mix it up to be more balanced. and with waves of emotion like my movies. Five albums are ready, the sixth is expected in the fall. It’s work day and night but so much fun.

What topics did you cover there? And how do you work?

In the beginning, it was mourning and the end of life. For 2017’s go my dad and my 50th birthday. Everyone has to press the “reset” button. It was the beginning of another part of my life. I was very young in this part. I changed my life but had experience.

I do a lot of work on the piano and not on the guitar. it opens up new horizons and therefore different melodies. There’s also a cinematic touch to this project because we’re planning a “melodrama” with songs set with images and a book to go with everyone. There are so many things I’m excited to discover and offer.

There was an album where I dueted eleven times with singers. We were still recording but there were some nice surprises that emerged. And who will surprise. Just joy and new energy.

When will it be over?

We started on November 11, 2020 and we gave ourselves 1,111 days. So it’s been three years more or less. We still have work to do.

And your show “Life is a crazy tale”?

The show is built on spontaneity. We can’t break it because of the pandemic. So I pushed this spontaneity. By asking people on Facebook what they want to hear. They answered a lot. I put the show punctuate on these answers and answered them. There were a few that weren’t rehearsed, to put me in danger but I wasn’t afraid of it. And no show looks different.

I was on stage with Claude Pineault (guitar and piano, editor’s note). Everyone loves such a man. Every night was different and we had fun. This concert is fun and simple even when we face difficult topics like death or end of life. Let’s face it. We had so much fun because there were real tears. it means a lot more to the world of pandemic, war, climate …

We have to deal with poetry. Love is stronger than anything. We must continue to live and persevere.

When I meet people after the show – I always do – it’s just as important as the show itself. We all need love. I didn’t even come just to have fun, I also had fun.

Zinga Zanga, Sunday at 7 p.m. From 44 to 54 €.

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