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A film in which she stars, a job as the face of a cosmetics brand, an anticipated new album (cullinan): 2022 marks the year of Dadju’s great return. But is he really gone?

“I’ve loved music so much, my whole life, but I don’t want to die on stage!” So said Dadju in 2018, while his album Gentleman 2.0 began his unstoppable rise, with a total of 750,000 copies sold (Diamond Disc certification), making him an industry revelation, on a par with his brother Gims.

The jealous who relies on a stroke of luck must lose weight, in order to use Mokobé’s famous formula of 113, with a 2020 victory in Hilo or antidotewhich surpassed quadruple platinum certification, especially in two singles Large bathroom and Melegimon SHOWS with Ninho and Soolking. The recipe for sir duplicated: an album in two parts (the second subtitle Honey Book Edition) to multiply streams, and also because the singer believed that: “The album didn’t (don’t) end up alive, and I released an album to protect it until the end”.

In 2022, the situation has changed for Dadju: the challenger is sure to have achieved the title of sales champion, with hundreds of millions of YouTube views and more than a million equivalent sales for his two albums. In addition, he became the face for the L’Oréal brand, which was seen on TV spots in prime time.

Movies and music

And its topicality is twofold. First a film directed by Nils Tavernier, Ima, in which Dadju plays the lead role, himself. The plan was simple, Dadju went to Kinshasa, the town where he grew up, for an event concert. At the same time, a wealthy businessman convinced the singer to give a private concert on his land.

And this is how Dadju “falls in love,” as Damso says, Ima, triggering a series of romantic adventures. Will the two main characters find love? Without spoilers, we can understand that suspense is not the main argument of this romantic comedy whose main actress is none other than Karidja Touré, who was discovered in 2014 in female bandthe third feature film by Céline Sciamma, when she was just 20 years old.

Filmed in Kinshasa for thirty days during the summer of 2021, Ima not a biopic, and we’re far from 8 miles in terms of cinematic ambition.

But the real challenge for Dadju is this disc of 17 songs, cullinanwhose first single is kingreleased in mid-February, with nearly twenty million views.

after the title queen, this is called risk -free return. Where many so-called “urban” artists enjoyed the ghetto style with a drone flying around town and shooting up the stairs, Dadju played it luxuriously in his clip where he was driving a particular Rolls-Royce on the ring road. Let’s focus on a unique originality of this successful single: Dadju… said it to his ex-girlfriend. A strange twist, but clearly pleasing.

Love always

What dominates this album is of course always love, from all angles and in all sauces, with this afro tempo in tune with the seasons, not too far removed from artists like Aya Nakamura. Analysis of the lyrics is almost unnecessary, and in some pieces, one has the impression that the words are more concatenated because of their sonorities than their meaning, as in guard the heart where you can hear strange episodes like this You wander in Spain, coke, coke until midnight, at home, you wear loincloth/ We can’t hear what’s going on, not what’s going on, sitting on top of the mountain “.

on Toko Tokowhere Dadju invites singer Ronisia (who has already done duets with Tiakola, Ninho and Eva), the voice here also dominates the meaning, like this passage: “Many men you make jealous, crazy, crazy/ And we shoot for each other, ‘Bang-bang’ / We get to know each other without looking at each other, crazy, crazy ”. Potential single, Hamza’s duet, Safari. In this title, the self-tuned Belgian crooner brings a sexual touch to the metaphor. “Given 50 Minutes Inside like Nikos”, a metaphor for double meaning, Nikos Aliagas ’show people on TF1 and the sexual act. But overall, we understand that Dadju calibrated his album so that it would appeal to the widest audience, in the family sense of the term.

Some of the other guests completed the guest listincluding Gazo, the new king of the show, in Scroogebut also Imen Es of The Officer and Rema of One time. Fans waiting for a reunion of the two brothers still have to wait, even if Dadju recently claimed: “A duet with Gims? Anything goes”.

If you have to blame cullinan, it is the loss of risk taking. Dadju’s voice, formed by beatmakers like Ponko & Seysey (Safari), Banks Rank & Kel P (Toko Toko) o Léo Brousset, Latimer & DJ Erise (Little touch), never deviate from the super lover’s guideline. Wrong Deductionperformed by Boumidjal, has a shy guitar, and Ima, the final title, is taken from the soundtrack of the eponymous film. In short, and not surprisingly, the announced commercial victory may be the fair saying: not two without three.

Dadju cullinan (Capitol Records) 2022

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