these 2 candidates Karine Le Marchand are very close…

Karine Le Marchand has strong relationships with some of the show’s candidates Love is in the pasture. Fred and Pierre are an example. But also Mathieu and Alexandre, famous in season 15, in 2020! The Camargue bull breeder fell in love with Alexandre, who was from Oise. They said yes last year. And Karine Le Marchand was one of their witnesses!

Karine Le Marchand can present this matrimonial show, at the age of 53, she is still single! La presenter of Happiness is in the grass on the M6 ​​channel always insisted on explaining that she felt happy to be alone and that she was not looking for true love. Lilian Thuram’s ex actually has a lonely nature. Karine Le Marchand explains that “ we are happy and single “and is considered to be part of” people who have experienced good incarceration”. So he sees life as a couple as a way to not feel alone, to kill boredom, and not as an opportunity to share and grow old together: “ Introspection doesn’t scare me, loneliness doesn’t weigh me down“.

“You are made for each other. »

However, Alya’s mother is not alone away from everyone. The facilitator actually shows that “ not only love, but also bonding“. The least we can say is that he feels good around him: he’s Stéphane Plaza’s best friend. And on the professional side, he has a lot to do to not run out. Looking at her schedule as minister, Karine Le Marchand prefers to laugh: “ I think I will be single for a few more years“.

Love is in the past: This isn’t the first time the former presenter of This is my life has opened up to the public about his private life. He already shared this in 2019: “ I still work on mine. Happiness is established. We must first arrange the suitcases we carry, between ourselves and those we inherited from our parents ”. And to add: “I am so happy to be alone, and that is my problem!

and the following year, in 2020, he relied on the columns of TV Cable Sat. the reason that motivated him to separate his daughter’s father. In fact, Karine Le Marchand never wanted to be a public figure later. One night, at the restaurant, I was with my companion and the waiter greeted us with ‘Bonjour Monsieur et Madame Le Marchand.’ Since it was not his name, he took my hand and said: ‘Listen to me carefully, I will never be Monsieur Le Marchand.’ It contributed to our separationhe revealed.

Love is in the pasture: Karine Le Marchand reveals how she feels

In any case, the tough guy now has plenty of time to have fun with his friends. And especially Mathieu and Alexandre. What a joy this day is spent with you my dear ones … More than the love you have for each other, there is this joy, this desire to change the world, to go in the right direction, to give love there to be understood by those who do. i don’t want to… I’m so glad to be in your meeting… You did it for each other. I love you dearly and I’m glad the cameras off, intact among friendship. See you soon I hope, you and your beautiful energy is a gift. thus shared Karine Le Marchand in an Instagram post, Sunday, May 8. In a series of photos, we see her with Mathieu and Alexandre.

And his friends thought the same! What a beautiful day the three of us laughed at each other and told each other all our little secrets, our sorrows and our joys. Friendship is unique because it goes through time to grow and grow stronger. We love each other for all the simplicity of our Karine Le Marchand. thus answered the two men. Very touching friendship!

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