The French American Academy opens a 3rd campus in Hoboken

French American Academy and Cresthill Academy Hoboken Downtown have joined forces to provide the Hoboken community with the first international learning center for little ones. The school will be located at 360 1st Street in Hoboken and will open in early September 2022. A bilingual excellence program for children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Our edition went to meet Anne-Sophie Gueguen, founder of The French American Academy and Jean-François Gueguen, business manager of The French American Academy.

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Rachel Brunet for Le Petit Journal New York: What motivated you to open a 3rd school, in a small space after all?

Anne-Sophie and Jean-Francois Gueguen : We are approaching families in Hoboken, who have responded to a request expressed for a long time.

We want to meet the need of this local, international, multicultural population that is open to language learning. We are already accepting students from Hoboken to our Jersey City campus. Many families, especially those with small children, prefer to favor a school close to home. The idea of ​​opening a branch in Hoboken grew into our development projects before the pandemic, a time when the project was stopped but we were given time to find an ideal location.

The school is located at 360 1st Street, on the second floor of a bright and spacious building, just a 10-minute walk from the Hoboken Transit Terminal (train, rail, light rail), which allows families in Hoboken and Jersey City Heights to go. access to a high -quality, bilingual program from an early age. The room is also located above an intercultural nursery that exposes infants and children under the age of three to a variety of languages.

What will be the DNA of this new kindergarten?

Our mission and philosophy will be the same on the Englewood and Jersey City campuses. The French American Academy, the only school accredited by the competent French and American authorities in Northern New Jersey, is dedicated to providing the highest standards of education through a comprehensive bilingual program, within a protective environment that encourages creativity.

Using the exact terms of our philosophy and our values: “We believe that learning a second language from an early age is a definite advantage, that bilingualism helps to improve thinking and academic assets. and that children thrive best in a protected, respectful and welcoming environment.

We believe that great achievements are made in small classes, that tradition is combined with innovation, and that each child reaches their level of proficiency.

We believe that education is also a child’s development, that diversity encourages openness and adaptation and that every child is a citizen of the world.

Raising children is our passion. ”

Concretely, how many children will you accept and for what classes?

The Hoboken campus welcomes children from 2.5 to 5 years old (TPS – PK2, PS – PK3, MS – PK4). This future kindergarten will be able to educate up to seventy students. The French American Academy believes in small numbers. Class sizes do not exceed 16 students, allowing for an 8: 1 student-teacher ratio.

Thanks to a shuttle system, students can continue their college education on the Jersey City campus.

We opened the applications in March 2022 and processed them as we proceeded. As with other campuses opening, we will start the school year in small numbers and will definitely welcome other kids over the years.

Strategically chosen, this new school is located on top of a crèche. Is there a form of collaboration in this structure that welcomes children?

In fact, we formed a partnership at this crèche to welcome the youngest children, while waiting for them to be admitted to The French American Academy. We have the same values, the same pedagogical approaches and the same conviction of the advantage of speaking multiple languages.

The partnership between the two academies will provide a high level of education in English, Spanish, French for infants, children and preschoolers. The bridges between the two academies will continue in international education. The French American Academy and Cresthill Academy have decided to combine their efforts to give the community the opportunity to expose their children to multilingual and multicultural education, from an early age.

The French American Academy is a recognized school in New Jersey. Is it for the benefit of kids from other states that you are launching your franchise?

Thanks to our efficient bilingual model and the reputation of excellence at the French American Academy, we have received requests for information over a long period of time, especially requests from individuals wishing to open a school, with , at the same time, a strong request from families for high-quality bilingual education in the United States,

So the French American Academy is launching a franchise program with the goal of reaching the number of 50 schools in the coming years.

The next campus opening is planned for Tulsa, OK.

Tell us about these franchises.

The natural observation is that bilingual education can be “universal”. What is good for a child in New Jersey is also good elsewhere. For 15 years, we have developed the real expertise to create and develop sustainable schools that offer quality bilingual education. In 15 years, 2,000 students have attended The French American Academy, and more than 100 teachers have welcomed them and passed on their knowledge. This is our vocation and our knowledge. Our reputation is an asset and it transcends the boundaries of the State of New Jersey. We therefore help entrepreneur-educators who want to open their own school in the United States on the model of the French American Academy, taking into account local specifications.

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