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Launched in December 2021, the first French edition of the Solve for Tomorrow educational program ended yesterday with a final and awards ceremony. During the six months of the program, students work as a team to imagine a solution based on digital technologies and thus respond to major societal challenges.

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After deliberation, the Jury consists of:

Jerome LefevrePresident, Federation Seeks to Learn, Catherine ChazalCSR Director, Public Affairs, Internal Communication, Samsung Electronics France, Audrey ScibozHead of Digital and Face-to-Face Programs, Mozaïk Foundation, Deborah ElaloufCEO TRALALERE/VP Education EdTech France and Christele GaguProject Manager Education Economy Campus, DGESCO, Ministry of National Education, selected 2 specific original projects:

  • Great Rewards: presented to the 9th grade class of St Gilduin college, Combourg in Brittany, the Grand Prix project, called ADAOZZ, seeks to address a major problem: environmental protection.

Visual Adaozz

  • ADAOZZ is an application to increase knowledge of selected ordering, including a scan function for ordering assistance, an interactive game, a directory of eco-responsible partner entrepreneurs, but also Adaverzz, a metaverse game that allows users to create a virtual world and measure the ecological footprint of their actions. The solution offers a physical extension of the collaborative quiz.

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  • Jury’s Favorite Reward: the project MULTIBOX presented to the class of 1st Science and technology in management and administration at the Lycée Pasteur, Besançon, Bourgogne France Comté. The favorite prize will address a major issue, the digital inclusion of our seniors. MULTIBOX is a TV box for seniors aimed at simplifying their access to digital content and services. Thanks to a variety of applications, MULTIBOX makes it possible to open up the world and promise personal access to centers of interest, and to facilitate communication with family and friends.

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For Olivier Oger, Vice President managing Human Resources and CSR at Samsung Electronics France “The presentations of the 5 finalist projects were amazing. Listening to the enthusiastic young people defending their project captivated us while confirming the merits of this initiative. The 2 winning projects address major societal issues in a new way, and their operational feasibility will now be studied by Samsung experts. We are pleased to announce that the 5 finalist establishments will soon receive an endowment of Samsung products, intended to be used in class to provide students with the best possible learning environment. Building on the success of the program, next November we will launch the second edition of Solve for tomorrow in France. »

“It is very exciting to be involved in such a project and have the opportunity to reflect and come up with solutions to everyday problems. It also allows us to work on our team spirit and our creative spirit. This is a first step. in business life! » introduces Achille Blanc -Mounier, 1st Science and technology student in management and administration at Lycée Pasteur, Besançon, Bourgogne France Comté, Jury’s Favorite Prize – MULTIBOX.

The Solve for Tomorrow project is fully integrated with the upcoming course where students will have to work as part of their course. The students were so motivated around creating this mini company, they immediately understood the power of this type of project. Creating a mini -company means getting the highest level of skill in the least amount of time, it means freeing yourself from a framework. Therefore, participation in Solve for Tomorrow enables students to gain confidence, unity, to improve their skills, especially oral. declared by Isabelle Rozec, Head of School and SVT teacher at St Gilduin College, Combourg in Brittany, Grand Prix – ADAOZZ project.

Solve for Tomorrow is an educational program designed by Samsung and deployed in partnership with the Entreprendre pour Learn federation in France. Its purpose: to allow young people, from 3th in the terminal, to envision the digital of the future by proposing concrete solutions, from digital technologies, to major societal issues such as accessibility for all, the digital inclusion of our seniors, the protection of nature or the fight against social insecurity.

For this 1time edition, nearly 800 young people from 29 establishments worked on 81 projects in 6 months. Led by one of their professors, supported by a Samsung mentor and facilitators from Undertaking to Learn, each team worked through the Design thinking method, an original human -based innovation process that enabled them to collectively express themselves. with all their creativity and critical thinking.

For more information on the actions taken by Samsung Electronics France in favor of education of future generations, go to

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About Doing Learning

Undertake to Learn is a federation of 17 associations under the 1901 law approved by the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports and its activities are recognized as complementary to the school. Its educational program, Mini-Company, is an entrepreneurial and collective adventure designed to develop the potential, ideas and personality of each young person.

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