Review / “I Love America” ​​(2021) by Lisa Azuelos

As the title clearly shows, Lisa Azuelos delivered us I love America an ode to LA…. but not only. The director of LOL o sa My baby once again confessed the aspects of his life with the exhilarating sincerity that was his mark. Criticism and opinion of Bulles de Culture.


I love America following Lisa’s adventures (Sophie Marceau) who decided to change his life by leaving Paris for Los Angeles. Her children left the family nest and her famous mother recently passed away. So Lisa needs a fresh start. There he met his close friend Luke ( Djanis Bouzyani) who was successful in her career in the United States by building a drag queens bar, but her sentimental life was as complicated as abunda.

Luke makes it his mission to help Lisa relive her love life, which has long been extinguished, by creating a profile for her on a dating site. Between the awkward date and John’s unexpected relationship (Colin Woodell), Lisa understands that her real deep goal is to forgive her first love… her mother.

I love America : Beautiful Sophie

I love America proves many things, the first being that Lisa Azuelos likes to work Sophie Marceauthe film marking their 3rd collaboration. It’s hard to blame him because, who doesn’t want to be such a cinematographic double the absolute fantasy of many French men and women?

Like Sylvie’s character (Philippine Leroy Beaulieu) sa Emily in Paris, I love America proves that French cinema could be wrong in dismissing artists in their fifties. These last two actually perfectly illustrate the magnetic and bombastic potential of these women who almost give up youth complexes. Know it or not, Lisa Azuelos carries on so far the famous MILF or Cougar, depending on the angle used. Yes, there is new life after the little ones leave the nest!

For his 9th film, the director evoked the screening phase that followed the children leaving the house. As such, in the form of flashbacks, sometimes painful, she takes us on a journey through the various moments that create the woman that (Lisa’s character) became, ending her childhood. his future relationship.

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All we need is love (and disco)

I love Americaas sung with the weight of Patrick Juvet, an ode to Los Angelesa city full of aspirants of happiness thanks to many potential suitors, actors or taxi drivers, discovered with the help of his gay friend, the best male asset every woman needs.

How do you get back in business if you’ve been out of the game for a long time? Age, gender, self -perception, cultural differences and the modern world are all reservoirs of the comic situations from which the film originates. The latter is full of references that allow an easy reading of our current society of a woman who grew up according to the rules to make some matrons tremble.

The rational choice not to overburden the awakening of this past is more than necessary, only adding substance and perfecting the balance necessary for the success of this rom-com. Love is in the air by John Paul Young or even bad women by Donna Summer, the power of disco will contain the final ingredients of the unripe recipe.

Love is the solution and we want to believe in it, especially when we are accompanied by this search for this beloved Sophie, noble bunnie, sexy even in voice (off) and coached by the gentle and bright Luke!

Our opinion?

The themes that are often discussed (mother-child relationship), some that go on in our daily lives (love 3.0), are all exploited with touching sincerity, I love America to all Feeling Good Movie, a religion of which Lisa Azuelos is a staunch follower. Let’s bet Meetic and the partner will be able to thank him in the days to come.

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  • I love America available to stream Prime Video on 03/11/2022
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