OLED TV: LG’s 2021 4K OLED TV has only risen to € 649, unbelievable

Good news deal OLED TV: LG’s 2021 4K OLED TV has only risen to € 649, unbelievable

In the small world of 4K TV, there is one particularly prestigious and sought-after technology, which is almost systematically found in high-end models: OLED. Korean brand LG is the queen of OLED. While inflation is huge for the entire industry, Rue du Commerce sold the LG 48 A1 for just € 649! Hurry before stocks run out!

LG 48 A1: we have never seen an LG OLED TV at such a low price

The time we went through was very special. While all prices exploded, mainly due to the cost of raw materials and global geopolitical tensions, some prestigious televisions were sold.

Why? This is the magic of destock. LG is in the process of launching its 2022 line, so various online retailers will have to take place and sell last year’s models.

As a result, we end up in insanity. The LG 48 A1 sold for almost € 1000 recently, here it is for just € 649. Even on Black Friday, we haven’t seen it yet.

We advise you to hurry, stocks are unlikely to last long. Given the current trend, we probably won’t see OLEDs of this quality at such a low price in many years.

Other models like the much-worshiped 55-inch C1 are also heavily featured on the Rue du Commerce as part of this well-destocked. Please click below to surf the site!

Buy the LG 48 A1 for € 649 on Rue du Commerce

Features of the LG 48 A1: an entry-level OLED TV

Let’s start by remembering the basics. OLED, what is it?

This technology, which is more technical and expensive to make when the panels can be a little large, has only been developed so far by one company: LG Displays (all other brands of TVs are provided by LG) .

The principle is simple to explain: the pixels on OLED screens produce their own light, they are said to be “self-emissive”. So OLED screens do not require a backlight panel. Result: black pixels than pixels and the level of contrast is literally infinite.

Believe us, in use, it is very noticeable. The colors are very precise.

As OLED is a complex and expensive technology, most manufacturers reserve it for high-end TVs packed with many other ultra-modern features. LG, king of OLEDs, has tried to remove as many as possible to provide a more usable OLED, which is how the A1 was born.

At this price, there is obviously no 120 Hz panel. Must be satisfied at a frequency of 60 Hz. To keep up with the 60 Hz frequency, it is useless to have an HDMI 2.1 port. So the LG 55A1 has 3 HDMI 2.0 ports.

So it is possible to fully enjoy most of your games, even in the next gen (Xbox Series and PS5). Why? Because the A1 is in dire need of 4K at 60 FPS and that’s unique are the titles that can push it further. Even in a few years, we can hardly imagine that 4K 120 FPS will be common in this generation of consoles.

Aside from this small concession, the A1 has everything in one high-end TV that sells twice as much.

  • the Magic Remote“Wii controller” remote control is still impressive
  • LG’s WebOS interface is as elegant and ergonomic
  • AIits enhancement of FHD images in 4K and its anti-marking technologies are still working…
  • compatibility Dolby Vision/Atmos and Film Maker Mode available for cinema
  • Applications can be found in the press on a remote control complete (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, OCS, Molotov, YouTube, Twitch, Spotify and more).

In short, this smartTV from 48 inches (122 cm diagonal) playing in the major leagues.

The A1 strongly resembles the more adored LG C1. It just sold cheaper. Most experts agree on one point: it’s a very good entry in the high end.

If you can’t afford to put a 4-figure value on a new TV but OLED appeals to you like we do, this is a good deal.

Buy the LG 48 A1 for € 649 on Rue du Commerce

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