New Knowledge Sharing Program Inspires Next Generation Of Hyper-Casual Mobile Game Developers

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The video game industry is always very competitive. Regardless of format or budget, developers and publishers are always trying to carve out a niche in a crowded market to give hungry audiences the next potential big hit.

Competition is pushing the industry to new heights in the quality and speed of new releases. Unity, the leading mobile game engine, reports a 93% increase in games developed through its platform each year, driven by the hyper casual segment (+137%), characterized by its free-to- play proposition and its ability to attract users to simple gameplay and short sessions. At Voodoo, we recently surpassed six billion downloads worldwide across our entire portfolio, including one billion downloads in the last nine months alone.

Being hyper-casual is not an easy game

While competition in the mobile games industry is a boon for consumers, with more and better titles available than ever before, it can be a tough and daunting arena for newcomers. want to work on games.

Traditionally, publishers share their expertise and tools with a limited number of successful and experienced developers. For outsiders, it’s like a closed store, so a new way of thinking is needed to take advantage of industry opportunities.

In this context, starting a hyper-casual gaming industry can be difficult. Being able to adopt the right mindset, learn techniques, and achieve the required level of quality is often the result of teams that have benefited from months of close collaboration with a publisher in the past.

Without this collaboration, some of the studios and developers entering the industry could spend months or even years trying out relatively poor quality games. There are two common ways; trying to copy another game, which often ends up in low quality, or brings real creativity and innovation in technique, but lack of experience and no way to prove the game will fly means dealing with a trip difficult to success.

Welcometo the next generation

We anticipate significant future growth in hyper-casual gaming that will come from new studios entering the industry with a fresh perspective on the latest trends and user preferences. After all, hyper-casual is the perfect setting for learning quickly through trial and error, and possibly developing the next mass hit in the process. Publishers can help newcomers get up quickly and increase their chances of finding a product that is ready to market immediately.

Voodoo Academy was recently launched to make this fast-paced learning and provide the knowledge sharing platform needed to make these goals a reality. Designed to inspire and help the next generation of developers create, test and develop hyper-casual mobile games, the Voodoo Academy program offers several ways to learn from the idea and MVP players. guide to launching and optimizing hit games.

The program also includes coaching from industry experts and early financial support for innovative thinking, giving newcomers the importance they need to quickly outperform the rest of the market.

The program was particularly inspired by the success of two young French developers, Harvey Roberts and Mathis Delaunay, who founded Blue Monkey Studio in December 2020. Nine months after the studio’s launch, Harvey and Mathis have released a new the hit game, FlexRun 3D. , which reached number 1 on the Android chart in 39 countries and also reached number 2 on the US iOS chart.

“When we started our journey, we spent weeks reading and looking at all the hyper-casual content we could find. We believed the Voodoo Academy contained the basic essentials you need to know. before entering this industry, and many of the tips from the courses are the learnings we spent weeks getting to know ourselves.Sharing all of this knowledge will definitely help bags studio to facilitate success, ”Roberts said.

Advance the future

The future of hyper-casual depends on developing the talents of tomorrow. Not only by providing the education they need to create and develop their games, but by sharing the essential knowledge already held by successful studios about applying best practices to real -world situations.

At a time when the production of hyper casual games has doubled in a year to meet demand, producing new talent in the industry is no longer a targeted goal. It has become an essential pillar and necessity of the business to support new developers and studios in the industry and help them adopt the right mindset. With this support, these newcomers will bring new ideas and new momentum to the ever-growing mobile gaming industry.

Dive Deeper: Take a closer look at Voodoo Academy and all it has to offer here.

Stanislas Marchand oversaw the recruitment of fellow Voodoo studios, and oversaw the Voodoo Academy program.

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